Dino Tomasseti Net Worth – Son of a Construction Magnate

Dino Tomasseti, the son of a millionaire construction magnate, is suspected of shooting his parents inside a Long Island mansion on Christmas morning. He has been arrested in New Jersey but is awaiting extradition to New York. According to police, he shot his father and mother in the back of their head while arguing. His wife, Vincenza, was shot in the head but survived. Both of them are in the hospital.

The Tomasetti family has been involved in many scandals, including being part of Goldman Sachs headquarters near Ground Zero. They are also linked to organized crime figures. Federal prosecutors linked Dino Sr. to a Gambino crime family member, but he denied allegations. In 1987, Laquila Construction Company was indicted for racketeering. It was also accused of bribing local officials to allow them to illegally dump construction waste in New Jersey. However, charges against the company were dropped after they agreed to pay a $25,000 fine.

The shooting took place in a room in the Tomasettis’ $3.2 million Hewlett Harbor mansion. The house is full of gold statues, crystal chandeliers and pride of place portraits. Rocco and Vincenza have two children. Rocco is the CEO of a concrete manufacturing company that produces concrete for the Freedom Tower. Rocco and Vincenza also own Empire Transit Mix, a company that provides concrete for other buildings. Their company has forty employees.

Rocco and Vincenza have not yet spoken to the media. However, they have been given emergency clinical help, as they are still in very bad condition. After the shooting, police declined to provide any updates on their condition. As of now, the severity of charges against Dino will depend on the health of his parents.

Dino is a bodybuilder who has appeared in bodybuilding videos and photographs on social media. His Instagram pages show him flexing his 240-pound physique in numerous snaps. Many of these photos are of him lifting weights in exotic locations. Most of his associates describe him as a non-violent person.

A woman who lives outside the Tomasetti home said she was the couple’s best friend. She was in the same room with them when the shooting occurred. When she spoke with Defendant Tomassetti, she told him that he was “a great guy.” While she did not give a precise length, she declined to speak further.

Defendant Tomassetti, a personal trainer at RetroFitness in Queens, has written a letter urging people not to bleed on someone who didn’t cut them. Defendant Tomassetti also wrote a poem, called “Don’t Bleed on Someone Who Didn’t Cut You,” on December 13.

Tomassetti has been held without bail on charges of attempted murder, although the severity of those charges will depend on the health of his parents. Although the shooting was not fatal, both Rocco and Vincenza were shot in the head and were taken to the hospital for treatment. There was a shooting inside the Tomassettis’ home on the night of the incident, but the couple survived.