Don “The Dragon” Wilson Net Worth

Don “The Dragon” Wilson is an American martial artist who is the former World Kickboxing Champion of all time. He is known worldwide as a great fighter and is considered one of the greatest in the history of the sport. He is also a successful Movie Actor. His net worth is estimated at around $5 million. During his career, he has won 11 World titles in three different weight classes.

In addition to his kickboxing career, Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson has also earned a name for himself in the movies. Among his many roles, he was the Neon Gang leader in the Batman Forever series. He also appeared in several action thriller cable TV films.

Don “The Dragon” Wilson is a talented actor and has been a fight commentator. Several of his films have earned rave reviews in Variety magazine, including Bloodfist III. He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of the World Kickboxing League. A few of his more recent movies have also been widely praised, such as Batman Forever: The Dark Knight Strikes Back and Bloodfist III.

As a fighter, Don “The Dragon” Wilson has been a world champion for four decades. Throughout his career, he has earned eleven global titles, a STAR Career Champion, and a WKA Light Heavyweight World Championship. During his career, he has scored 47 knockouts.

After a successful professional fighting career, Don “The Dragon” Wilson retired from the ring. During his later years, he worked as a fight commentator. Before his retirement, he was scheduled to make a comeback at age 58. However, he is still improving as an actor. Despite the retirement of his professional fighting career, he has made a good salary.

Born in Illinois, Don “The Dragon” Wilson had a very solid sports record in high school. His brother, Jim, trained him in kung-fu. Eventually, they both discovered a love of fighting. They studied Pai Lum Kung-Fu together. Upon discovering his brother’s talent, Don started studying the art. At first, he thought he would defeat his brother in a martial arts competition. But it turned out that both of them were better than he expected.

When Don “The Dragon” Wilson met Roger Corman in 1976, he was told he would be a superstar. The two began to work together. During the early days of their relationship, Corman insured Don’s face for $10 million with Lloyd’s of London. This proved to be a very wise investment. By the time the two became friends, Don had become a superstar.

Not only is Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson a great fighter, but he has also made a very nice income from his movie acting career. Earlier, he had a very plump figure, with a voice that was very resonant. Later, he developed a warm and friendly character. Since then, his movies have been successful and have ranked among the most popular films in the industry.

Don “The Dragon” Wilson is now married to Kathleen Karridene. Together, they have three children. Don’s wife is a makeup artist and producer.