Donald Goines Net Worth – How Much is Donald Goines Worth?

Donald Goines was a popular writer of the 1970s. His books deal with black life on the streets. He avoided glamorizing the lives of the ghetto, and instead wrote vivid descriptions of the harsh reality of urban life. The novels he published are often seen as authentic portraits of life on the margins of Black America. They are also read in university English classes. Some of his books have sold between five and ten million copies.

Goines’s debut novel was “Whoreson” in 1972. After reading Iceberg Slim’s autobiography, Goines became inspired to write his own urban fiction. In addition to “Whoreson,” Goines’s writing includes a number of stand-alone novels. Most of his work deals with themes of crime, poverty, and mass incarceration.

Goines wrote his first two novels while he was in prison. He also served in the United States Air Force and Korea. While in the Air Force, he developed an addiction to heroin. This led him to begin a life of crime and pimping. He engaged in many crimes, including armed robbery, theft, and sex. However, he was honorably discharged from military service.

When he returned to Detroit in 1967, Goines began to pursue a writing career. However, he was repeatedly arrested. Despite this, he was able to write at an accelerated rate. By 1974, he had written 16 novels.

A few years later, he became a pop culture sensation. His work influenced many rappers, such as Jay-Z and Ghostface Killah. His music also influenced Tupac Shakur. As a result, the rapper has included references to Goines in several of his songs.

Goines’s most acclaimed novels include “Never Die Alone,” “Whoreson,” and “Dopefiend.” All of these novels are set in Detroit and contain unromantic sex and flamboyant violence. Despite these flaws, they have been popular among readers.

Several of his novels have been adapted into movies. For example, his “Never Die Alone” was made into a 2004 film. The movie stars DMX as King David. It tells the story of a man searching for redemption. It is a dark look at one man’s search for salvation.

Goines is considered a pioneer in the genre of street lit. He wrote during a time of great social upheaval. At the same time, blaxploitation films were gaining popularity. Many of his novels were printed on cheap paper. Eventually, a publisher re-issued his works with bold graphics.

Some of his books have been published in 45 languages. Stephen King is another popular author who has written a variety of genres. He has earned $2 million per year. Among his many books, he has written horror novels, suspense novels, and fantasy fiction. Although he is a bestseller, he has sold only 350 million copies worldwide.

Donald Goines was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1936. During his lifetime, he served in the Air Force, the Navy, and the Korean War. Throughout his life, he was in and out of prison, and he was a heroin addict.