Donald Scott Clurman Net Worth

For a 71 year old, Donald Clurman has no shortage of impressive accomplishments to date. In a survey of some 4000 people by a leading business magazine, he was deemed to be among the 3% most powerful people in the business. With a net worth of $600 million to spare, his savvy business strategies have yielded many dividends. The most notable being a stint as a CEO of a global telecom company, to mention but a few. He is also an aficionado of the art of the trade, and is a keen observer of his surroundings.

In his spare time, Donnie teaches his alma mater the ways of the trade, a la carte style. There are plenty of aficionados to be found in his enclave, but it is his commitment to giving back that sets him apart from the pack. As a testament to his generosity, he has a gift list of over 1000 items, and he has been known to make donations to worthy causes like the Humane Society, which he is a stalwart supporter of.