Dorothy Stratten Net Worth at Death

Dorothy Stratten was born on February 28, 1960, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her parents were Simon and Nelly Hoogstraten, both Dutch nationals. She was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. During her childhood, she lived in a rough neighborhood. In 1977, she entered the Centennial High School in Coquitlam, British Columbia. However, she soon began working as a model. After graduation, she signed with Playboy magazine and was chosen as its Playmate of the Month for August.

During her career, Stratten worked in several comedies, including Skatetown U.S.A. (1979), Autumn Born (2002) and Americathon (1979). She also made appearances in two network TV episodes. Additionally, she had significant roles in film. Stratten appeared in the Bob Fosse biopic Star 80 (2001).

Before her death, Dorothy Stratten had a net worth estimated at about $1 million. This figure was calculated using data from, a website dedicated to estimating the wealth of celebrities. A second estimate is estimated at about $5 million.

Dorothy Stratten was a rising actress in the 1980s. In 1980, she received the title of Playmate of the Year. Stratten worked in three comedic films, and had been a fixture on the playboy magazine cover. As a result, Stratten is considered a cult figure. At her funeral, Stratten was cremated and her remains interred at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Following her death, Dorothy Stratten is survived by her siblings. Her brother is John Arthur Stratten. The sister is Louise Stratten. Also surviving are their mother and father, Simon and Nelly. Stratten was born in Vancouver and raised in the suburb of Maple Ridge.

Dorothy Stratten was murdered by her ex-husband Paul Snider in 1980. Stratten was in Los Angeles at the time of her death, living with Snider in an apartment. According to reports, Snider had been pressuring Stratten to marry him. He then sexually assaulted her. It was not until Snider purchased a shotgun that he put a bullet into her face. The shotgun later killed Stratten.

Despite her tragic death, Stratten was honored with two books. One is a biography of her life written by Peter Bogdanovich. The other is a collection of interviews with various celebrities who knew her. The books have been published to celebrate the memory of her.

While she was still alive, Dorothy Stratten had a small flat in Canada. Her sister was also born after seven years. Both of her brothers and her sisters have a large extended family. Besides her children, she was survived by her uncle, her aunt, her grandfather and her grandmother. Although she was not well-known, Stratten did have a few minor roles in films.

After Stratten died in 1980, she was buried in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. Stratten’s epitaph features a passage from Ernest Hemingway’s novel. Her other notable accomplishments include being named as Playmate of the Year and winning the title of the Playboy model of the year in 1980.