Dr Antoinette Liles Net Worth

Dr Antoinette Liles is a well known American dentist who is also an unscripted TV star. Currently, she is preparing to open her own dental practice. She is also a proud HBCU grad, having graduated from Jackson State University with a bachelor of science in chemistry. Among her many talents, she is an avid yoga teacher, a RYT-200 certification holder, and one of the few Black female dentists in the state.

Dr Antoinette Liles is also the first doctor in her family. In addition, she is the owner of Mint Dental in Pearl, Mississippi. Besides being a dentist, she is also an entrepreneur who owns a small business, an Instagram account, and an active social life. When not busy working, she loves to travel. Moreover, she has a pet, a miniature schnauzer named Fitzgerald.

On a personal note, Dr Antoinette Liles is married to Trey. They have a son, Karston. Her husband is a dental specialist as well. However, the real story is that Dr Antoinette Liles is currently going through a divorce. As a result, she is looking for a new car to replace her Porsche.

As for the Belle Collective, the show is all about the five women who are considered to be the boss ladies of their respective industries. While each has her own unique stories and goals, they are all trying to make a splash in the Jackson, Mississippi, business world. Some of the women in the program are attempting to start a new dental facility, while others are attempting to revive Farish Street, a historic black neighborhood.

The OWN network’s Belle Collective is set to debut on Friday, January 15, 2019. Several stars were spotted at the Zoom press outing, including Dr. Antoinette Liles, who is also a member of the cast. According to her Twitter profile, she has over 7,000 followers. Not a bad following. A few of the women also attended the aforementioned Zoom event, which aired on January 22. Of course, there was more than one Belle Collective, as the network also announced that there will be another season.

The triumvirate is composed of three other notables: Marie Hamilton-Abston, Latrice Rogers, and Lateshia Pearson. Although all of the women are wildly successful, they are different in personality, style, and philanthropy. One thing they all have in common is that they are all self-made millionaires. This is a rare breed in the United States.

There are no official statistics on Dr Antoinette Liles’s net worth. If we’re being charitable, she is probably worth a tidy sum of $1 to $5 million. Considering her accomplishments, she is a definite candidate to be featured in the upcoming series. Besides, she is a pretty good dentist. During the course of her career, she has a reputation for providing the highest quality dental care in the area. For patients of all ages, she is committed to giving them compassionate care.

One of the coolest things about Dr Antoinette Liles is her ability to find the best medical treatment for her patients. She is currently a member of the Mississippi Medical Association and has received several awards and accolades for her work.