Drew Scott’s Lone Fox Net Worth

The Lone Fox website boasts a whopping 267 videos. This is a feat of synchronicity if there ever was one. It’s not hard to imagine that Drew has a vested interest in the channel’s success. Perhaps he’s in charge of the creative direction or he’s responsible for the more mundane aspects of running a website.

Drew Scott is a jack of all trades. Aside from his Lone Fox tavern, he owns an impressive portfolio of properties and shares in a football franchise in Hong Kong. His net worth, according to Forbes, is a hefty $215 million. Despite this, the dude has had a rough year. However, the star has not stopped him from launching his own vodka brand in the hope of scoring the next big thing. Among the many, he also possesses the illustrious title of world’s highest paid actor. Despite his best laid plans, the future of show business isn’t looking too bright.

One of the more interesting and enlightening aspects of the Lone Fox empire is the plethora of products and services it offers. For instance, there is a high-end wine club with an exclusive wine selection, a microbrew tasting room, a micro-brewed gin, and an e-commerce site, among others. He also offers a one-of-a-kind in-home decorating service and an array of upscale home goods.

In other words, the Lone Fox is a true multi-million dollar operation. Not surprisingly, the Lone Fox website has garnered a sizable number of online visitors. As for the actual business, it is run by a benefactor with an encyclopedic knowledge of the web. Thus, the company’s revenue is likely to remain steady over the next few years. So, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen island, a bespoke dining table or a hand-picked set of books, Lone Fox should be on your short list.