Drue Lee-Basham Net Worth

When you hear the name Drue Lee-Basham, you probably think of her TikTok app. She has over 1 million followers on the app and has become a well known social media star. In fact, her YouTube account has over 40k subscribers.

Drue and her husband Gabe Basham are very active on the internet and have amassed a huge following. Their Instagram account has over 200,000 followers. They have also posted videos on their YouTube channel, D & G.

Drue Lee-Basham and her husband Gabe Basham have a close relationship and are frequently posted together on various platforms. On their video blogs, they regularly post recordings of their adventures, including vlogs that show their trip from the wedding ceremony to their honeymoon. Occasionally, they even share their thoughts on various topics like Black Lives Matter.

Despite their popularity, they have been criticized for bigotry and a lack of empathy. Gabe Basham recently posted a derogatory message on his Facebook page that prompted a debate on the internet. However, he has since apologized for his mistake. The message ignited a fire of debate among fans, with some praising him while others have dismissed his apology.

Although they have a big following on the Internet, Drue and Gabe have not had any children. As a result, their net worth is not widely disclosed on the Internet. But they are likely to earn money from brand deals, promotions, and virtual gifts.

The couple are known to have been involved in a discussion about racism on the Internet. There is a Reddit thread devoted to the couple. A Redditor has also created a localized map for this couple. This is a very interesting way to understand the relationships of this famous couple.

Even though they have made a huge impact on the Internet, they have been criticized for their bigotry and a lack of empathy. One harsh comment led to an internet controversy and a debate on the topic of racism. After the incident, the couple’s relationship was questioned.

When they were teenagers, Drue and Gabe started dating. Their parents had been supportive of their relationship. When they were 19, they got married. During the process, they got engaged. It was then that their social media profiles gained a lot of attention.

As of June 5th, one year after their proposal, they got married. After their wedding, Drue and Gabe gained a huge amount of followers on their joint Instagram account. The couple has also posted vlogs about their love story. These videos have amassed millions of views.

Despite their reputation as bigots, they are still a very popular couple on the Internet. In fact, they have even been credited with being good magicians.

Both Drue and Gabe Basham have been accused of making racist remarks on the Internet. However, they have defended themselves by saying that they are very outspoken about their opinions and that they aren’t racist. They have also been accused of using hashtags like #defundgeorgefloyd and #pardongeorgefloyd.