Duke Thorson Net Worth

ThorSport Racing is an acronymically minded NASCAR truck series team that was started in 1996 by Sandusky, Ohio native Duke Thorson. In the grand scheme of things, ThorSport’s most impressive feat is running a top notch program in a crowded field. The company has a legion of talent that includes Matt Crafton, Ben Rhodes, and Johnny Sauter. For their part, Thorson has a robust truck fleet, including a plethora of Toyotas. While the company’s truck division is a bit of a juggernaut, the business model is not without its share of pitfalls.

The most successful of ThorSport’s three full-time truck teams has been the No. 66 driven by Ty Majeski. While there is no official record of a championship, this team has compiled three top five finishes and one win in its four seasons of racing. Although this team has had some ups and downs, it has shown the ability to bounce back from tough moments. Among the many things that have helped them accomplish this feat are their strong commitment to employee retention. As of last year, ThorSport has a workforce of about 230 employees and is able to offer competitive wages and benefits.

Aside from the race cars and trucks, Thorson owns a small business empire in the form of a manufacturing plant, a SealMaster manufacturing facility, and a storefront. He also owns a golf course in Huron Township. And if he wasn’t racing on the weekends, you might just see him on the links. Not to mention his impressive stable of horses and a horse training operation that has won over a hundred blue ribbons in its illustrious history.

As it turns out, Thorson has been more than just a good steward to his employees and horses. From the above-mentioned hat to the aforementioned triumvirate, he has been a shrewd leader in the industry, both in terms of the business and the people. Among the many companies owned by Thorson are a host of high-tech companies and organizations. But perhaps most notably is the fact that he is a businessperson who has managed to turn a small fortune into a large one.

In short, he has built a well-oiled machine that has only been derailed by the occasional misfortune. Among the many businesses owned by this man are two of the ten best places to live in the United States. His name may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sandusky, but Thorson has done a fine job of making his town a place to live and work.