Eddie Steeples Net Worth

Eddie Steeples is a well-known American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. He is best known for his role as Darnell “Crabman” Turner in the NBC comedy My Name Is Earl. In addition to his work on television, Steeples has starred in several movies. His recent role as “Jiu Jitsu” with Nicholas Cage earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Eddie Steeples started his professional career when he was just 28 years old. He later won an award for his performance in the short film Whoa. As an actor, Steeples has appeared in several movies including Akeelah and the Bee, Lost in the Bush, and Caravan Summer. Currently, Steeples is based in Los Angeles. In addition, he is known for his roles in several commercials for OfficeMax.

After moving to New York, Steeples worked with the experimental film group Mo-Freek. He then joined a hip hop group, No Surrender, and has since worked with other actors, such as Ice Cube, on various projects. Among other things, he has guest starred on the TV show The Chris Rock Show.

While he is best known for his performance in the NBC comedy series My Name Is Earl, Steeples has been active in the entertainment industry for almost two decades. Some of his notable achievements include his role as the “Rubberband Man” in several OfficeMax commercials. For his work in this regard, he was voted as the “Sexiest Men Alive” by People Magazine. These ad campaigns have helped increase his popularity and net worth. It is believed that Eddie Steeples’s gross income has ranged from $3 million to $5 million.

Other accomplishments include his role as the star of a feature film, Torque. Along with Ice Cube, he played a crucial role in the success of the movie. Furthermore, Steeples is a fan of Star Wars.

In addition to his acting career, Eddie Steeples is also known for his production company, the Red Rocket Entertainment Company. Through this company, he has also produced and starred in a series of commercials for OfficeMax. Among his other credits are the short film Whoa and a guest star stint on the television series The Guest Book.

Although Eddie Steeples has only been married once, he has a beautiful daughter named Luna. He also has an official website and a number of social media accounts. Fortunately, he has not revealed any details about his personal life. However, the internet is a rich source of information about his life and his career. Nevertheless, it is believed that Eddie Steeples has a net worth of approximately $500,000. If you are interested in knowing more about this well-known American actor, you can read more about his career below.

Eddie Steeples has been ranked among the top celebrity cashouts of all time. It is a safe assumption that his earnings were derived from his numerous acting and producing gigs, as well as his role in the television show “My Name Is Earl”. Despite the fact that he has been a successful actor, he is currently single.