Edie Sedgwick Net Worth

In her heyday, Edie Sedgwick was a Hollywood star. She was famous for her work with Andy Warhol, and her life was often portrayed in movies. But a lot of her life was troubled, including her relationships with men.

Edie Sedgwick was born in Santa Barbara, California on April 20 1943. Her parents, Francis Minturn Sedgwick and Alice Delano de Forest, were wealthy. They had eight children. One of these was Bob Dylan, who has written songs about Edie. The rest of the family was a dysfunctional family plagued by mental illnesses.

Edie Sedgwick’s father was an artist. His wife was an emotionally unstable woman. At a young age, her father was diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis. He also suffered from narcissism, depression, and nervous breakdowns. As a result, he married an emotionally unstable woman and had a child with her.

Edie Sedgwick had a turbulent childhood. Her father was a self-indulgent, controlling, and narcissistic man. Eventually, he was institutionalized for his own mental health. While in a psychiatric ward, he was a regular customer of the infamous sex clinic “Booby’s.” During the early 1960s, Edie’s brother was in and out of psychiatric wards.

As a child, Edie Sedgwick was homeschooled. She also studied sculpture at Radcliffe College. However, her father was a notorious drug abuser, and was physically abusive towards his children. When Edie was seven, he tried to molest her. Ultimately, the family’s finances improved when oil was discovered on the family’s ranch.

Edie was a social butterfly who loved parties. As a teenager, she drove a Mercedes. She also attended modeling events. Some of her movies are rumored to have inspired songs. She also had a relationship with Bob Dylan.

After meeting Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick was starring in a few films. Unfortunately, her acting career was doomed. Initially, her role in a semi-autobiographical film, Ciao! Manhattan, was problematic. By the time she completed the film, she had become emotionally dependent on drugs. And she was in and out of psychiatric hospitals.

Her father’s narcissistic personality and his physical abuse caused Edie to develop a fear of her father. After her brother’s death, she started to regain some confidence. It was at this point that she met the man who would become her husband.

In the mid-1960s, Andy Warhol invited Edie to his studio, which he called the Factory. At the factory, he noticed her beauty. He decided to cast her in starring roles in future films.

But in 1966, Edie broke with Warhol. He was also angry that she had walked in on his affair with Fuzzy Sedgwick. Although Edie was attracted to Warhol, she did not like the way he treated her.

Edie’s father suffered from manic-depressive psychosis, and his marriage to an emotionally unstable woman had a detrimental effect on his mental state. Because of this, Edie’s dad was hospitalized and diagnosed with severe depression. Fortunately, the situation lasted only a few years.

When she was in her late teens, Edie landed a role in an underground feature film. She was a strong advocate for the spiritual benefits of LSD. Despite these hardships, she was able to receive US$80,000 from her grandmother. This money helped her start a new life in New York.