Elie Honig Net Worth – How Much Is Elie Honig Worth?

Elie Honig has been a successful legal attorney for a number of years. He has earned the title of “Hotshot Honig” thanks to his successful prosecution of organized crime. In his career, he has worked as an assistant attorney for the United States Attorney’s Office and as a special counsel for Lowenstein Sandler LLP.

Although Elie has earned success as a legal attorney, he is a well-rounded individual. His hobbies include cooking and driving kids to after-school activities. Also, he enjoys playing golf and cross country golf with his kids.

As a federal prosecutor, Elie worked on several cases, including cases involving human trafficking, public corruption and organized crime. He also managed criminal trials and appeals, and worked with businesses to avoid government investigations.

Earlier, Elie was a member of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, where he served as Assistant Attorney General for almost six years. During this time, he handled criminal cases involving human trafficking, violent crimes, and public corruption. A few years later, he moved to the United States Attorney’s Office, where he served as an assistant attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Before his career as a prosecutor, Elie was an associate at Covington & Burling LLP for four years. Following this, he worked as a special counsel at Lowenstein Sandler LLP for more than four years.

After graduating from Rutgers University, Elie attended Harvard Law School. Upon graduation, he earned a Doctor of Law degree. Currently, he serves as Executive Director of the Rutgers Institute for Secure Communities, which is a program that helps push Rutgers to the forefront of policing and security.

Elie’s father is a lawyer and runs a law firm in Cherry Hill. His mother is a social worker, and he has a younger brother named Ben. Besides being a legal attorney, Elie also is a bestselling author.

Elie has written for various publications, including Newsweek, Time, and The Atlantic. Additionally, he is a regular contributor to Financial Times. Moreover, he has authored a book called Untouchable: How Powerful People Get Away with It. The book is set to publish on January 31, 2023.

Elie Honig has been married to Rachel Honig for over a decade. They have two children together, a daughter and a son. However, they rarely appear on social media. Both are busy with their professional lives and do not share much information about their personal life.

Elie Honig has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He is a very successful businessman and a prominent lawyer. Among his other achievements, he has written for The Daily Beast, MSN, and USA Today. He is also a podcast host. You can find him on Instagram as @eliehonig.

Along with his family, Elie Honig has a passion for justice. Previously, he prosecuted several members of the La Cosa Nostra, a syndicate that included the leaders of the Gambino and Genovese crime families.

Besides being a lawyer, Elie has also appeared on several TV networks, including the History Channel, CBS, and ABC. He has published a book, as well as his own podcast. Eventually, he became a legal analyst for CNN.