Elize Matsunaga Net Worth

When Elize Matsunaga was born in 1974, she came from a poor family. Her father left the family when she was three years old, and she was raised by her grandparents and aunt until she was ten. She then went to live with her grandmother. However, she was later abused by her stepfather, and she ran away from home when she was fifteen.

Then, after a few years of marriage, Elize discovered that her husband, Marcos Kitano Matsunaga, was cheating on her. He was already married to his first wife. So, she hired a private investigator to follow him. But the detective told her that her husband was not in love with her. And, to make matters worse, her husband threatened to put her in a psychiatric institution.

The couple eventually got married, and they enjoyed traveling. But then, Elize got involved in prostitution. She figured that her life would be easier if she became an escort. That is how she met her current partner.

She eventually turned to adultery in order to raise money for college fees. She later married Marcos, and they had a daughter together. They had a wonderful time together. However, when they were both young, they had a dream of a luxurious lifestyle.

While they were together, they had a daughter named Helena. In May 2012, Elize Matsunaga murdered her husband. It was a shocking and shockingly quick crime. After a long trial, she was sentenced to 19 years in prison. Because she confessed, her sentence was shortened to 16 years. Now, she has been in prison since 2016, and she is serving the remainder of the 16-year prison term.

As of January 20, 2023, Elize Matsunaga’s net worth is estimated to be about $2 million. This is based on her popular novels and films. However, her Wikipedia page does not reflect her true net worth. There is also no Instagram account for her.

Elizabeth Matsunaga is a Brazilian artist, writer, and educator. She is a native of Parana, Brazil, and was raised by her grandparents. She reportedly worked as a nurse and became a law student before she committed her crimes. Since her sentence was downgraded in 2013, she is now serving a short-term jail sentence.

Though she has not been reunited with her daughter, Elize Matsunaga has been able to move on from her tragedy. She is now an entrepreneur and surgical nurse. Also, she coordinates a sewing workshop for the Professor Doctor Manoel Pedro Pimentel Foundation.

Her ex-husband was a multimillionaire, and his family was set to inherit the food company Yoki. General Mills bought it for $857 million. During the time of his murder, his family’s net worth was about $696 million.

While her first marriage didn’t reveal her parents’ names, Elize Matsunaga is now believed to be the only one of the two to be White Brazilian Caucasian. She was born in Chopinzinho, Parana. Observatorio do Cinema, a Brazilian film and TV website, confirms that Elize is now 39.