Elke Sommer Net Worth

Elke Sommer is a German actress, singer and painter. Her career has spanned more than three decades. She has appeared in over a hundred films, TV shows, and music videos. With an estimated net worth of $20 million, she is one of the most successful stars in the entertainment industry.

Elke was born in Berlin, Germany on November 5, 1940. Her parents were Renata von Schletz and Lutheran minister Baron Peter von Schletz. During World War II, the family was forced to relocate to Niederndorf, Germany. After finishing high school, she returned to Erlangen, where she studied as a diplomat translator. As a result of this experience, she became fluent in seven languages.

In 1959, she made her acting debut in a movie titled Ten Little Indians, which is now a classic. Later, she worked in several films with Stephen Boyd, Peter Sellers, and Bob Hope. Other films she appeared in include Deadlier than the Male, The Oscar, and The Wrecking Crew. Although she is best known for her roles in films, she also performed as a singer. She was a frequent guest on television programs.

During her heyday in the 1960s, Elke made a large number of appearances in films. One of her most memorable roles was Maria Gambrelli in the 1960s film A Shot in the Dark. This performance earned her a Golden Globe award for the most promising newcomer actress. Another of her notable accomplishments was her appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

In the 1990s, she was involved in a long legal battle with Zsa Zsa Gabor. Initially, Sommer characterized Gabor as a derriere-wearing sex symbol. However, Gabor claimed her derriere fit a size 10 pant. This prompted a libel lawsuit by Sommer.

However, her $3.3 million libel judgment helped to boost her fortunes. Since then, she has been able to concentrate on other aspects of her career. Today, she is a successful artist, producing her work from her home in Los Angeles. Despite this, she still takes on occasional acting roles in Germany.

Elke is not only a successful artist, but she is also an avid traveler. Several of her paintings bear the influence of Marc Chagall. Additionally, she is a well-known model. Among her other accomplishments, she has released several albums. Her most recent album, Lulu, is a fusion of classical and pop music.

Elke Sommer has estimated net worth of $20 million. Some of her primary sources of income are Google, Forbes, and Wikipedia. For more information on Elke’s personal and professional life, visit her official website. Throughout her career, she has also maintained an active social media presence. You can find links to her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts on her official website.

Throughout her long career, Elke has been a prolific artist. She has been a popular pinup model in the past. However, she decided to focus more on art.

During her lifetime, she has become a recognizable figure in the entertainment world. Nevertheless, she has kept her personal life to a minimum.