Elsa Majimbo Net Worth – How Much Does Elsa Majimbo Make?

Elsa Majimbo is a comedienne from Kenya. She has been making viral videos for some time. This has resulted in her having a massive fan base. In fact, she has gained over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account.

Before becoming a famous comedian, Majimbo was a student in high school. However, her parents weren’t supportive of her career. Then, she decided to stop attending school for a while, and focus on her studies. Eventually, she graduated from high school. But, she didn’t know if other people would find her funny.

Soon, she started posting satirical monologues on her Facebook page. These videos became popular, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. Later, her monologues were featured on Comedy Central. During June 2020, her videos were viewed more than 1.5 million times. Some of her monologues have been called by Joan Smalls.

After gaining popularity on social media, Majimbo signed with Creative Artists Agency, an all-around representation company. As a result, she has appeared on Vogue, Forbes Magazine, and more. Her videos have also been featured on other online platforms. Now, she has an ambassadorial role with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty.

Aside from being a comedian, she also works as a voiceover artist. Her voice work is used on TikTok and Instagram. Despite her fame, Majimbo maintains a low profile about her personal life. For this reason, it is hard to get a good idea about her salary. Most of her income comes from her fame as a comedian.

She has appeared in the Top 30 Under 30 list of Forbes Africa Magazine. In fact, she was nominated for E! People’s Choice Awards in the African Social Star category last year. Another highlight is that she was the youngest person to be nominated for the awards.

Elsa has also worked with Snoop Dogg. She has appeared on shows like “Ghost” and “Chance.” Besides her celebrity status, Majimbo has garnered recognition from major celebrities worldwide. Among those she has worked with are Lupita Nyong’o, Usain Bolt, Chris Harvey, and more.

Elsa Majimbo’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million. However, she is still in the process of collecting her wealth. If she continues at her current pace, she will earn around $300,000. It is unclear how much she is earning per hour.

Her earnings can be estimated from her social media sites. On Twitter, she has over 300 thousand followers. Additionally, her YouTube channel has over 2.4 million subscribers. Moreover, she has a TikTok and an Instagram account. Since 2016, she has been making monologues, and her videos have become quite popular.

In the future, Majimbo plans to upgrade her house. Currently, her home is in Nairobi. When she is older, she wants to live in South Africa. She cites her attachment to South Africa as a reason for wanting to live there. Also, she has recently toured the country.

Although, her net worth is yet to be fully established, Elsa is a highly successful comedian. Besides her popularity on social media, her videos have been seen all over the world.