Elsy Guevara Net Worth

Elsy Guevara is a popular social media star. She is famous for her videos and makeup tutorials. She has a large following on Instagram and YouTube. The 26-year-old model also runs her own apparel business called OOTDfash.

Elsy was born in the United States and is of mixed ethnicity. She has a brown hair and dark brown eyes. In addition, she stands 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Her shoe size is 6 US. When she was younger, she lived in Los Angeles. After she graduated from university, she started her modeling career. As of 2019, she has a net worth of approximately $2.5 million.

Having a big fan base, Elsy Guevara has earned a lot of money from her YouTube channel. She makes her income from the advertisements and brand endorsements. Currently, her YouTube channel has 78k subscribers. It receives over 55k views every day.

Aside from her work on YouTube, Elsy Guevara has a large following on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. She is popular for her makeup tutorials, product reviews, and travel vlogs. Moreover, she is a fitness fan. Often, she posts pictures of herself and her friends on her Instagram account.

Despite her popularity, she is also very private. Unlike most of her colleagues, Elsy does not like to give out information about her personal life. For instance, she does not reveal the name of the guy who has been keeping her secrets. However, she has made it very clear in her video, MEET MY BABYDADDY, that she has a special relationship with one of her friends.

Elsy has two brothers. One brother, Elijah Gates, is an American singer. Currently, Elsy is in a relationship with Elijah Gates. They have a daughter, Ehlani, whom they welcomed in June 2020. According to Elsy, they plan to get married once her daughter is able to walk.

Elsy was placed in foster care when she was young, but her parents were able to provide her with everything she needed to pursue her dreams. She studied at a local high school and then enrolled in the University of California. Before she began her career as a fashion model, she worked in the marketing department of a fashion brand. She co-owns a clothing company with her sister, Patricia.

Besides her work on Instagram and YouTube, Elsy Guevara is credited for creating a new clothing line for her company, OOTDfash. Several brands have endorsed her, including a popular fashion website, Fashion Nova. She has also been featured in a number of magazines.

Elsy Guevara has accumulated a total of 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 78k subscribers on YouTube. Of those, she has over 63 million views. Among her hottest looks are her perfect body figure and her luscious hair. Moreover, she is a big fan of Marie Madore.

With her impressive career in the world of fashion and social media, it is no surprise that Elsy has a very nice net worth. This figure is estimated to be around $800-900K by the end of 2020.