Erealist the Comedian and the JackGang

If you are into your social media, you have likely seen or at least listened to the latest crop of YouTube sensations. One of the more notable is Erealist the Comedian. A man of many talents, the comedian juggles the duties of a producer, writer and social etiquette policeman. His parents are working class folks from Alabama. As a kid, the family moved to Chicago. It’s only natural that a youngster would want to pursue a career in comedy.

Erealist the Comedian has not been shy about sharing his insights with his horde of fans. To date, he has uploaded more than a dozen vidos and has amassed a Twitter following of over a quarter of a million. Some of his most notable YouTube contributions include the JackGang YouTube channel, a YouTube show dedicated to showcasing Erealist’s most renowned content. The JackGang YouTube show has amassed over 65 million views.

Clearly, the Erealist the Comedian has a hefty net worth. In addition to his YouTube channels, Erealist also maintains two Instagram accounts, which he has also used to hawk his merchandise. Perhaps he is too busy with his duties as a comedian to ply his trade as a photographer. For the uninitiated, the Erealist the Comedian is a fairly straight-laced guy who is more than capable of navigating the labyrinthine halls of the popular music industry. Among his many accolades, Erealist the Comedian has won two awards in the past. He has been featured in several popular TV shows, including NBC’s The Tonight Show and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. Among his more memorable moments, Erealist the Comedian has been tagged as the face of the upcoming film, “Epic”, which is sure to delight many of his legion followers.