Erik Charles Maund Net Worth – How Much Is Erik Charles Maund Worth?

Erik Charles Maund is an auto dealer and grandson of the founder of an automobile dealership group in Austin, Texas. He is also a former military officer. His name has recently been in the news for allegedly killing his wife’s lover. A federal indictment has been filed against him and three other men. The charges are murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit kidnapping resulting in death.

Maund is accused of paying a man to kill his former girlfriend Holly Williams and her boyfriend William Lanway. The murders took place in March. The bodies of the two were found in a car in Nashville. They were killed by a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces.

After discovering the bodies, police investigated and found that three other men had been outside of Williams’ apartment. In addition, they spotted the man who was supposed to be a co-conspirator in the killings. One of the men was a security specialist named Gilad Peled. Another man was identified as a special operations U.S. Marine. Ultimately, all four suspects were arrested.

All four suspects are facing life in prison if convicted. However, all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

During the investigation, the FBI was likely surveillance for days. Investigators said Maund redirected $15,000 from a bank account to cover intelligence reports. At the same time, Maund emailed Holly Williams to make plans to meet. This prompted the woman to ask for hush money, which is why she was murdered. She was also threatening to expose his affair if he did not pay her.

The man that was in Holly Williams’ car, William Lanway, was also murdered. According to the authorities, Lanway was the person who threatened to disclose Maund’s affair if he did not pay the hush money.

On the same day that William Lanway was found dead, a construction worker discovered the body of another man. Authorities say he was killed by Maund. Both Lanway and Williams had romantic relationships with each other, and it is not known what prompted the murder.

Police were able to track down all of the men involved in the deaths. The bodies of Williams and Lanway were discovered in a white 2005 Acura. Their deaths are being investigated as possible contract killings. Among the suspects are Maund, a former US Navy commander, and his wife, Sheri Mound.

While no exact information about the couple’s relationship has been released, sources have claimed that they are married. It is also possible that Sheri Maund is keeping a low profile while she cares for their one-year-old son, Dough. Although Sheri has stayed out of the spotlight since the deaths, people have expressed curiosity about her.

While Sheri Maund is not well-known, her husband was a public figure. This gave the public an opportunity to learn more about her. Sadly, however, the husband was entangled in a murder case, and his arrest and indictment led to his detention.