Ernie Herrman Net Worth

Ernie Herrman’s net worth is estimated at $124 million. The CEO of TJX Companies is known for his leadership and experience in the retail industry. He has a background in buying, merchandising, and distribution. This makes him the perfect candidate to lead a company like TJX.

TJX Companies is a large retail chain that is also engaged in the housewares and furniture business. It has more than 3,300 stores in the US, and is also expanding in international markets. Its Home Goods nameplate remains the most successful in the company. As the new home division gets off the ground, the company is planning to add more stores.

TJX is known for its aggressive expansion plans. The company has opened more than 3,300 stores in the last 20 years, and it is growing its customer base. It is also one of the largest retailers in the industry. Despite its growth, it is careful not to buy too much too soon. Consequently, it has a strong market share in the US. Moreover, it is a major source of vendor coverage, with more than 20,000 vendors in 100 countries. However, it has some room to improve.

When it comes to the number of trades made by insiders at the company, the most active are Ernie Herrman and Louise Greenlees. These two have traded a combined 6,708 units of stock in the past two decades, with a total value of $536,573. Other insiders who have traded in the company include Carol Meyrowitz and Scott Goldenberg.

Aside from his role as CEO, Ernie Herrman has held various other executive positions at the company. For example, he was Senior Executive Vice President and Group President at the company from August 2008 to January 2011. In addition, he served as President of Marmaxx from 2005 to 2008. Among his other responsibilities, he was responsible for the company’s distribution network, marketing, and business strategy.

Ernie Herrman’s compensation package is valued at $14.5 million, with the vast majority coming in the form of stock awards. Stock awards are usually granted based on a company’s stock performance, and depend on vesting schedules. Considering that he had a total salary of $1.6 million, he earned other forms of compensation, including a $3 million incentive pay and a $35,904 automobile benefit.

According to a survey by the Worcester Business Journal, Ernie Herrman’s compensation is ranked the highest among the chief executives in Central Massachusetts. His annual salary of $31.8 million ranked him in the top ten. His other compensation included a change in pension value of $1,909,764. Although the company has a lot of room to improve, Herrman’s current compensation package is a nice step up.

Although the CEO’s score has stayed steady for the last 90 days, there is still room for improvement. That said, it’s hard to overlook the positive impact that Ernie Herrman’s leadership has had on the company. He has helped build a solid customer base for TJX, and his overall management skills are impressive.