Esham Net Worth – How Much Is Rap Artist Esham Worth?

Esham is a popular rapper and producer. His debut album, Dead Flowerz, reached number 38 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. He is known for his “acid rap” style of music. In addition to being a member of the Soopa Villainz, Esham is also a former member of the horrorcore group Natas.

He has appeared in the movie The Social Network. However, his most notable moment may have been his stint with the Psychopathic Records. There is no word on whether Esham is still with the label. Regardless, his time at Psychopathic was short-lived. After Psychopathic folded in 2005, Esham became a member of the Insane Clown Posse. While Esham did not have the same impact on the ICP’s fortunes as his partner, he did play a major role in the group’s rise to fame.

On a personal level, Esham is an affable guy who enjoys joking around and catching up with friends. During his younger years, he spent summers in New York, where he met his future girlfriend, Champtown. They performed at open mic nights together. At one point, they were forced to rap for a street pharmacist at gunpoint.

He also has a Facebook page. Although the page is not terribly active, it does feature some selfies. Also, there are several links on the page, which include a number of posts about Esham’s daily routine, his hobbies, and his career. One link in particular is a list of upcoming tour dates, which includes a mention of a new album.

For fans of the hip-hop genre, the most important thing to know about Esham is that he is an American. As of this writing, he lives in the Long Island, New York, U.S. and is of Black decent. Additionally, he has a Black religion.

While he might not be able to beat out Eminem in the overall game of musical immortality, he has been able to make his mark by releasing a handful of notable albums. Of the many songs he has released, the album Closed Casket is perhaps the most noteworthy, although it did not sell many copies. Other notable albums include Bruce Wayne: Gothom City 1987, and Tongues. Aside from his music, he has a career in advertising. From his ads on YouTube to his endorsement deals with Nike, there are a few ways that he has enriched himself.

He might not be the biggest name in the genre, but his net worth is certainly in the black. The rapper is estimated to have a net worth of at least $1 million, but most of his success comes from his primary career as a rapper. This makes him among the top richest musicians of all time. To put this figure in perspective, Eminem’s total net worth is $230 million. It is doubtful that any musician will match that record for the rest of his or her career. Even the rich and famous are not immune from the highs and lows of celebrity.