Estevan Oriol Net Worth

There are numerous photographers in the world, but one that is arguably the most successful is the Mexican-Italian Estevan Oriol. This photographer is known for his large scale studio lighting and his mastery of the polaroid. He has also taken pictures of the stars, but has mostly specialized in low rider culture in Los Angeles. Among the most famous photos he’s taken are those of Eminem, Kanye West, Al Pacino, and Kim Kardashian. Besides shooting, he’s also been featured in magazines, and participated in the elaboration of the video game GTA San Andreas.

In addition to his photography work, he’s been featured in a number of music videos. In fact, he’s directed a number of them. One of his best works is Swing Life Away by Rise Against. Another notable photo of his is a photo of Dennis Hopper. Although he’s not exactly a celebrity, he’s captured many celebrities – and has done so in a way that has earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Along with his professional photography, he’s also a self-proclaimed entrepreneur. Initially, he was a bouncer at various clubs. Later, he was employed as a tour manager for rap groups like Cypress Hill. When he moved to the music business, he arranged several music recordings. Some of his clients include Blink 182, Travis Barker, DJ Muggs, and Psycho Realm.

He has also been awarded a few accolades. For example, he’s been featured on the cover of the magazine Rolling Stone. It’s been said that he’s brought in about $3 million to $5 million from his sneaker business. However, he prefers not to spill the beans. His net worth is estimated at about $20 million. As a result, he’s one of the wealthiest Photographers in the United States.

Despite his success, he still lives a modest life. He owns a car and a house, but is a bachelor. Though he keeps his personal life private, he has a number of social media profiles. He is also very active on Twitter and Instagram.

Oriol has also published a book. His book is called This is Los Angeles. The photographs in the book are black and white, but he occasionally shoots in color. You can purchase the book from him directly for about $100. If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, you can visit his official website. Also, he has produced a documentary about LA Originals, which reveals how artists used the style in their own work.

While there’s no concrete information about his marriage, Oriol has managed to capture the adoration of numerous musicians, and has a thriving career. He’s been featured in a number of popular music videos, and has made huge cashouts. Indeed, he’s ranked among the most successful celebrity cashouts of all time. And his photos have been sold at auction for hundreds of dollars, demonstrating that his talent is in demand.

Even though Oriol is no longer actively engaged in the picture taking trade, his name will still be in the annals of photography history. His book is an accomplishment and his other contributions to the industry have made him one of the most successful photo-snappers in the business.