Evettexo Net Worth 2022

The American social media star Blanca Garcia has a massive fan following on various social networks. She is known as Evettexo and has a lot of fans across the world. However, her net worth is not revealed yet. You can check out more information about her here.

Evettexo has become very famous on the YouTube platform. She is known for her fun videos and funny skits. She has also appeared in a few beauty campaigns. One of her popular videos is a lip-sync video which went viral. This video gave her a sudden boost in her career. Her other videos include travel vlogs, makeup tips and beauty reviews. Some of her other videos have earned her a large number of followers on the Instagram site.

She has also been featured in a lot of videos on the TikTok platform. In fact, she has a huge number of subscribers on the YouTube channel as well. While Evettexo started her YouTube career in 2013, she later started uploading more regular content on the platform. Currently, she has a total of 727 thousand subscribers. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Evettexo is an influencer who posts beauty, lifestyle and fitness content on her various YouTube and Instagram accounts. Besides her personal YouTube channel, she also owns a cosmetic brand called exocosmetics. Apart from these, she has also been credited with a number of endorsements.

Before her rise to fame on the Internet, she studied in Cosmetology school. Afterwards, she worked in a bank as a personal banker. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles. From her childhood, she was always interested in fashion.

As a result, her videos about beauty and fashion have been very successful. Now, she has more than one million subscribers on her Instagram account and a number of followers on her Twitter and TikTok accounts. Also, she has a merchandise website, selling affordable merchandise such as stickers and prints. Moreover, she sells her own beauty brands, which are also marketed by her.

Evettexo has a net worth of $1 million. She also earns a decent amount of money by promoting her own merchandise, selling her own cosmetics, and by having her name and face on numerous advertisements. Although she has not revealed her exact measurements, she appears to be of average height and weight.

Despite her success, she exercises regularly to stay healthy. Moreover, she has an athletic body frame and is a very slim figure. She has a shoe size of 10. Lastly, she weighs 56 kg and stands at an average height. Currently, she is married to Ulysses Benitez and they have a son named Max. They have been dating since 2015.

Even though her net worth is not disclosed, her success has been remarkable. Having millions of followers on her social networking sites, she has also managed to get into a very successful marital relationship. And she is currently expecting a child with her husband.