EZPeeZ and Its Shark Tank Net Worth

EZPeeZ is not the first product to appear on Shark Tank, but it is the first to garner any sort of attention. During October of 2015, Brian Kleinschmidt brought his potty-training device to the show and pitched the idea for $50k for 15% of his “dream”. While he was not successful, he did get to see his vision come to life.

As for the product itself, it is a fairly simple toilet seat that turns into an adult-sized one. It is comfortable and surprisingly easy to install. On top of the obvious, it is also clean. In fact, a recent review by a consumer magazine praised it for being the ‘cleanest’ product they have ever seen. This is no small feat given the millions of people that use public toilets across the country.

One of the more interesting aspects of EZPeeZ was its patented ‘flip-top lid.’ The ‘top’ part refers to how a child can sit comfortably on the lid without having to reach in. A few of the Sharks questioned this feature but they were impressed that it was a ‘first’. Also, it is a relatively inexpensive product compared to other adult-size toilet seats on the market.

The Sharks were not blown away by the EZPee-Z, however. Kevin O’Leary was a definite skeptic of this new product. Barbara Corcoran was a fan, but she had her reservations. She didn’t think that parents would be interested in replacing their toilet with a new one. Robert Herjavec wasn’t so sure. However, he did appreciate the salesmanship displayed by Brian.

As for the company itself, Ez-Pee-Z has been a success from the start. Although there is no concrete data to back it up, a few analysts cite rapid growth over the last five years as a major factor. Some experts even expect it to become a billion dollar business by 2023, which is a big feat considering that the Internet is a vast and growing marketplace.

Several merchants have jumped on the Shark Tank bandwagon, using the show’s images to sell their own wares. While the company’s Facebook page is dark, it does still show up in search engines. They will be updating it periodically.

Another item to note is the ‘Buy Now’ button on the EZ-Pee-Z website. Unlike most online stores, the EZ-Pee-Z site actually allows consumers to buy the product. Of course, this means that they are not paying any fees to sellers or manufacturers, but they are still getting a deal. If you are looking for a great deal, EZ-Pee-Z is a good place to start. Whether you are an aspiring inventor, an amateur retailer, or an experienced business tycoon, the company is worth checking out. Luckily, you won’t have to wait in line to do it. With ten million users, there is a good chance that EZ-Pee-Z will be a hit for many years to come.

There are a ton of other companies that have a product that has been shown on the show, but the EZ-Pee-Z is the only one that has a proven track record. In addition, it has a slick, user-friendly platform, which is a boon to both sellers and buyers.