Fahad Siddiqui Net Worth

Fahad Siddiqui is an Indian-Emirati businessman who lives in Dubai. He is a co-star of the Netflix series Dubai Bling. The show follows the social circles of some of the wealthiest people in the UAE.

Born in Mumbai, India, Fahad Siddiqui studied at Billimoria High School and H. R. College of Commerce & Economics, before earning a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Later, he pursued postgraduate studies in marketing management. In 2006, he joined the Siddiqui Group of Companies, a family-run business. After serving as an executive director of business development for four years, he left the company to become independent.

Despite his professional success, he still finds time to enjoy his life with his wife and two-year-old daughter. They have a Palm Jumeirah home. They are both active on social media, updating their followers about their daily activities.

Safa Siddiqui is a professional fashion designer and a real estate agent. She is the mother of a two-year-old daughter and is expecting her second child. Her earnings are estimated to be in the range of $100,000. While she was not in the media for most of her career, she has a large following on Instagram. This has helped increase her earnings.

As a result of her career, Safa and Fahad are still married and living in a Palm Jumeirah home. However, they have been fighting about expanding their family. At one point, Safa decided to go with surrogacy while Fahad wanted to wait a few years to have another child. Ultimately, they settled on a compromise.

In 2006, he worked as an executive director of business development for his family’s business. His professional experience was based in Mumbai. He also worked at Orbit Corporation Limited for a year. A few months after that, he began working as the managing director of his own business, Indo Rise General Trading LLC, in Dubai. In January 2012, he returned to the Siddiqui Group of Companies.

During the final episode of the series, Safa announced her pregnancy. The couple wore a white gown during the ceremony, and they wore cute shirts in the midst of the announcement. But it was a difficult pregnancy for the couple. Eventually, the couple agreed to wait a few years before having another child.

When Fahad and Safa got engaged, they both wanted to start a family. Fahad was keen on having a second child, but his wife was not so sure about the idea. She was concerned about her health and wanted to wait a few more years before having another baby. Eventually, they settled on surrogacy.

Fahad and Safa are both involved in different business ventures, but they are still together. In October of 2019, the couple married. Throughout the years, they have accumulated much of their wealth. Currently, it is estimated that the couple’s net worth is $4 million.

Despite the high profile of Fahad and Safa, they are not the hottest of celebrities. Even though they are a part of the high-flying social circle of Dubai, their relationship has not always been smooth. Nevertheless, the pair has been together for a long time, and they are committed to maintaining their house.