Farouk Shami Net Worth

The American-Palestinian businessman Farouk Shami has a net worth of $700 million. He is a successful entrepreneur, as well as a politician. A major source of his wealth comes from the beauty industry. During his political career, he has been involved in controversies over religious issues. In 2010, he ran for Texas governor. However, he lost the race.

Shami began his career in the hairdressing business, acquiring a patent for a hair color that was ammonia-free. His invention was inspired by a Palestinian pharmacist who gave him books on how to make dyes. When he arrived in the United States, Shami had only seventy dollars with him. But he decided to stay and work in the industry. After several years of working, he began developing new ammonia-free professional hair care products.

Before becoming a successful hair stylist, Shami attended the University of Arkansas. While there, he developed an allergy to ammonia substances. The doctor told Shami to quit the hairdressing business, but Shami disagreed. Instead of heeding his father’s advice, he continued to study and develop his own hair care products.

One day, he met John McCall, a representative for Armstrong McCall, a U.S. distributor of hair care products. Shami had a demonstration of his product. He was impressed with the product and signed a 20-year agreement to sell the product in the U.S. Later, he opened a branch of Farouk Systems in the Middle East.

Farouk Systems, Inc., was founded by Shami in 1986. It is a hair care and spa products company that exports to 106 countries around the world. Thousands of people use the products, including Gwyne Paltrow, Madonna, and Demi Moore.

Shami also joined a number of national and international organizations. One of his boards of directors was the American Task Force on Palestine, an organization that aims to promote peace in the Middle East. Another of his boards was the Make a Wish Foundation, an organization that helps children in need. During his campaign, he revealed that he has a personal connection with God.

Some of his clients include celebrities such as Demi Moore, Madonna, Courtney Cox, and Renee Zellweger. The company has more than 2,000 employees in the United States, as well as more than 600 people in other countries.

The company also produces hair color that is ammonia-free. The product is known as BioSilk. It is used to add shine and softness to the hair. Several champion show dogs have used the product to soften their fur. This product was introduced in October of 1986. Eventually, dog owners started to request animal-specific BioSilk products, so the company developed additional products that can be used to treat specific types of fur.

Shami founded the company to give back to the country he grew up in. He has donated to charities in the Houston area. Among his biggest donations were to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Texas Children’s Hospital.