Flexscreen Net Worth – How Much Is Flexscreen Worth?

Flexscreen, a window screen manufacturer, was launched by Joe Altieri, an entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He developed the product after working in the industry for over twenty years.

In the past five years, Flexscreen’s sales have increased to over $5 million, and sales are expected to increase even further. The company has also made several awards and received international attention. Currently, the company has four manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada. It is expected to become a $100 million company in a few years.

Flexscreen has been featured on Shark Tank. They were featured in Episode 10 of Season 11 of the show. Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner both offered to invest $400,000 for a 50% stake in the new retail business. Although she did not take it, Barbara did offer a line of credit for the same amount.

Flexscreen has already partnered with a major window company, and they are in the process of building a fifth facility in Canada. As the demand for the product increases, the company will have to expand its workforce. However, they will not be licensing the product at retail locations yet.

Flexscreen started off as a custom window screen, but now it is sold at Home Depot and other consumer websites. There are several benefits to using a flexible window screen over traditional aluminum screens. First of all, it is scratch and dent resistant. Secondly, it allows you to get fresh air and see through the open windows. Third, it is made of a special frame that will not break.

Flexscreen is considered one of the best solutions available in the market. Unlike other products, the company’s screen is completely flexible and can be bent almost in half to pop in and out of the window frame. This means that they do not have to be attached to any hardware. With this, they are very easy to install and remove.

Aside from that, Flexscreen also offers a wide variety of mesh and color options to suit the customer’s needs. One of their biggest advantages is that it is made of carbon enriched spring steel, which makes the screen scratch and dent-resistant. That means that you won’t have to replace your screen as frequently.

Lori and Joe are planning to expand their company into the retail marketplace. In the meantime, they are partnering with Saint Gobain, a leading manufacturer of windows and high-performance construction materials. Additionally, they are considering adding a fifth manufacturing sector in Canada.

Lori has decades of experience in the entrepreneurship and hardware industry. She was chosen to partner with Flexscreen because of her knowledge of the space. Moreover, she is the queen of QVC and has contacts in the product-related field. Moreover, she believes that the Flexscreen will replace the traditional window screen industry.

After Shark Tank, the company saw its sales triple from $5.1 million to $15 million. Moreover, the company has grown significantly in the B2B and B2C sectors.