Forbes Estimates Hector Lamarque Net Worth to Be Several Million Dollars

Hector Lamarque is an interesting individual. Not only is he a top notch salesman, but he is also a man of many talents. Besides running a successful business, he is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with his family. As such, he and his wife Jann split their time between Las Vegas and Newport Beach, California.

Although he may not be a household name, he is still well recognized. In fact, he is so lauded that Forbes estimates his net worth to be several million dollars. One of the highest paid salesmen in the industry, Lamarque has over 10,000 agents working for him. Aside from his impressive career, he has garnered numerous awards and recognitions, including being listed in the Who’s Who in America, among other honors. Among his many accolades, Hector has a few things to brag about, most notably the largest sales force in the Primerica history, and a whopping number of regional vice presidents.

Several years ago, Hector was managing a jewelry store, and making an annual salary of around $50,000. However, he didn’t feel very content with his job. It seemed like a slog, and he wanted a little more out of his life. Luckily, one of his co-workers introduced him to the Primerica opportunity. This proved to be a good move for both parties. At the time, the company was a start-up, and its CEO was willing to put his money where his mouth was. After a few weeks of hard work, Hector asked for a night off. His boss was quite surprised at his request.

Despite being busy with his job, Hector also took the time to learn about the art of the deal. By educating himself on the best sales practices, he was able to build a sales force of more than 12,000, and earn his share of the Primerica pot.

Of course, he can’t talk about his success without acknowledging the woman who gave him a shot. Hector is now married to Jann, who he considers to be his rock. The couple has two children and three grandchildren. They spend a lot of their free time travelling, and have been known to spend some time in Las Vegas and Newport Beach.

Having said that, the real reason behind Hector Lamarque’s multi-million dollar fortune is his unwavering determination to help others. Whether it’s a simple letter of recommendation to a prospective client, or helping someone out with a large looming bill, Hector knows that he needs to provide his clients with the resources they need to succeed. Hence, the Hector Lamarque name has become a familiar one for many of his customers. Besides, the man is a lovely soul. Those who are lucky enough to get to meet him will probably find him to be an entertaining and witty individual. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, or just want to see what a savvy businessman can do, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Hector’s office.