Forus Shoes Net Worth 2022

Forus shoes are a line of athletic footwear which offers shock absorption and support. The shoes are made with breathable cushioning materials and a rubber outsole that helps protect the wearer’s feet and legs. They also feature a unique design that provides stability. These sneakers are also available in a variety of colors and sizes. Currently, Forus has more than a hundred sneakers on the market.

Forus Athletics is the brainchild of Arsene Millogo and Joel Vinocur. Both of these men are based in the United States. After a period of war in his native country of West Africa, Millogo moved to the US to attend law school. He noticed that the running shoes he was using were too heavy for his feet and caused joint stiffness. This is when the idea for the lightest, most cushioned and comfortable shoes was born.

The shoe’s shock absorption technology eliminates pain in the spine and joints. It also eliminates calf pain. Aside from being comfortable, the shoes are lightweight and durable. The company’s shoes are available in different retail locations. In addition, 10% of all profits are donated to charities.

Although the business is currently experiencing trouble, there are still orders. Currently, the Forus Shoes are sold wholesale for $35 per pair. However, there have been many complaints regarding customer service and shipping. Additionally, the Better Business Bureau has received several complaints regarding refunds.

Although there are currently hundreds of shoes on the market, Forus has a difficult time competing with larger brands. In fact, Forus’s total sales have reached only half a million dollars in the first six months of the year. While they can expect to reach $2.5 million in revenues next year, there is still a large amount of room for growth.

As the founders of the Forus Athletic Shoes, Joel and Arsene have worked to create comfortable and supportive sneakers that are available in a variety of colors and sizes. According to the company’s website, Forus shoes are designed to provide stress and shock absorption. Because of their shock absorption, the shoes are suitable for people who experience pain in the knees, back, and spine. Compared to conventional shoes, Forus Athletics are very lightweight, weighing less than ten ounces.

Forus Athletics aims to be a leading brand in the sports shoe industry. To achieve this goal, the company has secured endorsements and sponsorship deals with NASCAR. But it has been difficult for the shoes to compete with big names such as Nike and Adidas.

In order to succeed in the business, Forus Athletics needs more capital to help mass produce the sneakers. During their pitch on Shark Tank, Joel and Arsene sought a $200k investment for a 15% stake in the company. That means a valuation of approximately $1.3 million.

The company has a number of distribution partners, including independent sales agents in China and Africa. They have also been receiving orders from retailers. Their product is marketed as the “lightest, sturdiest, and most comfortable” running shoes on the market. Despite the competition, Forus has managed to generate more than half a million dollars in sales in the past six months.