Funnyaszavia Net Worth

For the uninitiated, the Hallo Family may be the TikTok of our social media savvy peers. Despite a modest following of a few hundred, they have managed to garner over 550,000 YouTube subscribers and a corresponding number of followers on the socials. In the span of just under three years, they have managed to earn themselves a spot in the internet’s best. Despite being at the top of their game, the aforementioned duo have not been without their fair share of snafus. From unpaid bills to missed schmoozing sessions, they have a well defined set of rules to follow. They are also known for their plethora of pranks, betrayals and bĂȘtes noires. Nevertheless, they have managed to maintain their sanity and sex creds in the process. Their net worth, which includes the aforementioned partners, is estimated to be a svelte $2 million. To make things even better, they have been a steady source of entertainment for both the emo and emo-turned-cool crowds. Besides, their wacky sexiness makes them an amusing and endearing pair to boot.