Gabriel Barbier Mueller Net Worth

Gabriel Barbier Mueller is a well-known celebrity in the world. He is also the founder and patriarch of Harwood International. During his career, he has made a lot of contributions to society. In addition, he has received a number of accolades from high-ranking government officials. His popularity and net worth are expected to increase in the coming years.

Barbier-Mueller is a successful real estate developer, investor, and member of the chief executive organization. His signature development is the award-winning district of HARWOOD in Uptown Dallas. The development is located on McKinnon Street in the Uptown area. It is a “village” of sorts. Among other features, it contains 19 blocks of buildings and ten pocket parks spanning 8.5 acres. Moreover, it is also home to eight restaurants.

Barbier-Mueller has a huge collection of Japanese art. For over 25 years, he has been collecting the works of Japanese artisans, mainly samurai. A portion of his collection is exhibited in his family’s Dallas museum. And, there are more than 800 items in the collection. Some of the pieces are displayed in various homes. They include a primitive suit of armor that was originally owned by Gabriel himself.

Barbier-Mueller is married to Texan Ann Smith. Although they are both Swiss, they have lived in the United States since 1979. Their children include Stephane, Thierry, and Diane. During weekends, the family visits E-Bar-S Ranch in Sunnyvale, California.

Barbier-Mueller is the CEO of Harwood International, a real estate company. His business has won several awards, including the Los Angeles Beautification Award. Besides that, he has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Urban Land Institute. His company has also been awarded the Trammell Crow Urban Forestry Award and the National Landscape Award.

During his early years, Gabriel Barbier Mueller did not have much education. However, he did attend school and earned a degree from Southern Methodist University. After that, he joined the Henry S. Miller brokerage firm. Eventually, he decided to pursue an executive assistant career. But when he moved to another city to study, he met Ann Smith, whom he eventually married. Several degrees from prestigious universities around the world have been granted to Barbier-Mueller.

Gabriel Barbier Mueller’s net worth is estimated to be $23 million. He is a successful and kind human being, and his work in the entertainment industry has made him popular with many people. He has multiple social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, he is also a member of the World Presidents’ Organization.

When he was just 14 years old, he was fascinated by the European armor. After that, he proposed building an office in Dallas for Rolex Central America. Since then, he has been a highly sought-after celebrity. As an investor, he has also contributed to his community. Hence, he is a role model for the younger generation.

Gabriel Barbier Mueller is an inspiring man who has made significant contributions to society. Not only has he achieved success through his hard work, but he has also gained the respect of his fellow citizens.