Gene Bicknell Net Worth – How Much Is Gene Bicknell Worth?

Gene Bicknell is a well known celebrity and entrepreneur in Kansas. He has been involved in a number of high profile endeavors including being the mayor of Pittsburg, Kansas, and running for governor of Kansas twice. During his career he has earned several significant prizes and accolades.

As a matter of fact, Bicknell is one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world. Despite his status, he has always been a very generous individual. He has donated to many charities and civic organizations. Including the United Way, the Pittsburg Family YMCA, and the Pittsburg Public Library. His contributions have made an incredible impact on the community.

A few months ago, Bicknell and his wife Rita Bicknell were involved in a legal battle with the Kansas Department of Revenue over income taxes. The dispute revolved around whether Bicknell was domiciled in Florida or Kansas when he sold his business, NPC International. In 2010, the department slapped him with a tax bill of more than $40 million.

After the Kansas Supreme Court ruled in his favor, the family won the income tax case. But the state still owes Bicknell more money every month. This prompted Bicknell to sue. When he fought the state, he claimed that he and his family are domiciled in Florida.

The court found that Bicknell and his wife have an official residence in Florida. However, the house in Pittsburg, Kansas was not valued. It was larger and probably more valuable. KDOR argued that the value of the property was based on its land. The case was won by Bicknell, and the state is now paying him back $43 million.

Bicknell and his wife, Rita, also filed a lawsuit to get the remaining $54 million that Kansas was owing them back. The judge sided with Gene Bicknell, but not Rita. While the state has some right to contest the return, it could be justified if it has a strong argument for denying the refund.

While the decision is not a surprise, the facts are somewhat surprising. It appears that the state of Kansas is hoping that the couple will just go away. Although Bicknell has had a long and successful business career, he is still an active member of the community. He has donated to a number of nonprofit organizations and civic organizations, and he continues to serve on local boards and councils.

One of the most important reasons that the Kansas Supreme Court ruled in Bicknell’s favor is the fact that he had a great evidentiary record. It was a very complicated procedural history, but the court found that Bicknell had a strong case.

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