Gente De Zona Net Worth

Gente de Zona is a group of reggaeton musicians who have made a mark on the Latin music world. Their song, “La Gozadera” featuring Marc Anthony, reached the top of the Hot Latin Songs charts. It is one of the most popular songs of the decade.

In fact, it was so popular that it won the Latin Grammy award for Song of the Year. The lyrics were also used as a walk up tune for MLB outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. This is a rare feat for a song in this genre.

The video has been viewed over 1.85 million times. There is also an average of 8.89 thousand likes. You can view all the videos uploaded by Gente De Zona on their YouTube page. The net worth of the group is estimated at $8 million.

They started as a duo in 2000, with singer Alexander Delgado and rapper Randy Malcom Martinez. Their debut album was En Letra de Otro, which contained the hit single, “El Rey”. A second album followed in 2006, called La Verdad. Although the group’s career took a downturn in the early part of the new millennium, it was able to rebound in the late 2010s. During that time, the group had its highest grossing albums.

The song, “Bailando,” won three Latin Grammys. Other notable hits include “La Gozadera” and “El Animal,” both of which won the Latin AMA. As a result, Gente de Zona has earned a solid following both in Cuba and abroad. They’ve won the Tropical Artist of the Year award at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

The group won a few other awards, too. For instance, they received a Triunfador award from the La Musa Awards. They’ve won an ASCAP Golden Note Award, a Premio Lo Nuestro award, and a number of other honors. Additionally, the group has won a number of Latin AMA and Premios Juventud awards. These awards are a testament to the popularity of their music.

There’s also a lot of fan love for the group’s reggaeton. The music has become a hit in many countries outside of Cuba, and has even broken online sales records. One of their most popular hits, “La Gozadera,” has over 1.2 billion views on YouTube. Another song, “Te Duele,” has over 93 million views. And a third, “El Animal,” has been used as a walk up tune for MLB players.

The Gente de Zona duo is a unique example of how traditional music from Cuba can be translated into something that can be enjoyed by people across the globe. They’ve gained success in the Caribbean, Latino, and hip-hop communities, and they’ve pushed the envelope with their songs. With their music, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom Martinez have positioned themselves as the leaders of a new generation of Reggaeton stars. Moreover, they’ve been able to establish themselves in the United States, where they have appeared at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

With over 2.7 billion views on their YouTube channel and over 6 million monthly Spotify listeners, it’s no wonder that Gente de Zona is among the biggest and most successful Latin music acts of all time. Fortunately, the group has the means to keep growing, and the fan base is strong enough to sustain a lucrative career.