Gentry & Sons Trucking Net Worth

The internet of things is a given, but Gentry & Sons trucking has taken the cake with an online presence that matches its brick and mortar counterpart. Despite its size, the company has managed to maintain a top notch customer service record. Whether you are looking for transportation solutions, trucking, or even an office space in the aforementioned state, the company is happy to oblige. In a nutshell, if you are in or near Sweetwater, Tennessee, you have found your match. From a business plan to a well-trained staff, this family-run operation has what it takes to deliver the goods, and to do it on time. Its motto is to do the right thing right, the first time, and keep its customers coming back.

If you have a fleet of trucks, you’ve found a sandbox, but if you’re looking to fill a need or two, Gentry & Sons is the trucking outfit for you. They offer the best in class customer service, which is evident by the amount of customer feedback they get from the field. Unlike a lot of companies in the industry, the company is more than willing to take your phone call, and in most cases, will come in at the last minute.