Glodean White Net Worth

If you’re a fan of R&B music, then you might be familiar with the name Glodean White. This American singer and songwriter is reportedly worth around $1-5 million. Despite being a popular singer, Glodean White has a private life, and she prefers not to talk about her marriage and relationships. However, it is believed that she has been dating someone in the entertainment industry. Whether they are romantically involved, or simply friends, is not known.

When Barry White passed away in 2003, his wife, Glodean, was the sole executor of his estate. They had four children together. But the pair were separated for a number of years before Barry’s death. At the time of his death, Barry was in a nursing home and undergoing dialysis while waiting for a kidney transplant. Eventually, he died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

According to court documents, Glodean was responsible for distributing part of Barry’s money on a monthly basis. She told her son, Daryl, not to worry about his father’s estate. Then, she decided to stop distributing payments. In September 2015, the payments were suspended.

Glodean, who was born in Long Beach, California, has a height of 1.65 meters. Her complexion is brown and her eyes are dark. She has black hair. Interestingly, she was raised in San Pedro. It is also unknown whether she has any educational qualifications.

As a child, Glodean Beverly James attended the San Pedro High School. She was a member of the school choir. She then became a member of the female singing trio, Love Unlimited. During her teenage years, she met her future husband, Barry White. Their marriage took place in 1974. Although they were married legally, they lived separate lives until the late 1990s.

After Barry’s death, Glodean had a daughter with his former girlfriend, Gurtha Allen. Their daughter, Denise, was born in 1962. Later, when she learned about the couple’s fatherhood, Glodean accepted her.

Eventually, she was allowed to stay in the couple’s home. Barry promised her that he would leave her enough money to live off for the rest of her life.

However, a DNA test proved that Glodean’s daughter was not Barry’s. Rather, the couple’s other daughter, Brianna, was her biological child. A lawsuit was filed against Glodean, and the judge ordered a DNA test to be performed on Brianna’s DNA. While the case went to trial, Glodean and Barry were able to make some of the settlements.

Though the couple was not officially divorced, the courts found that they were living separate lives. Upon Barry’s death, Glodean inherited $20 million in properties from his late husband. Nevertheless, Glodean has never disclosed her wealth after Barry’s affair.

The singer’s estimated net worth has increased over the years. Various online sources have been used to calculate the singer’s salary, as well as her lifestyle. Currently, the estimated net worth of Glodean is $1.3 million. Moreover, she has an estimated income of $400k per year.