Gobie Bottle Net Worth – How Much Is Rusty Allen Worth?

The Gobie water bottle is a 22-ounce BPA-free water bottle with a built-in filter. It has a rubberized surface that enables users to squeeze the bottle and get clean, purified water. It is biodegradable and has a squeezable cap for easy cleaning. In addition to the filter, the bottle is made of the highest grade plastic. This bottle is reusable and has a three-month life guarantee.

Rusty Allen is the inventor of the Gobie water bottle and he came up with the idea after being annoyed at spending money on single-use water bottles. He wanted to develop a filtered water bottle that would allow him to have instant access to clean, filtered water. Eventually, he realized that a new design could do more than simply filter water.

After meeting with Daymond, Rusty decided to take Daymond’s offer of $300,000 in exchange for a stake in his company. Rusty said he wanted to spend the money on inventory and operating costs. However, he needed more cash in order to be able to compete against the larger retailers.

As a result, he approached a large retailer to buy the bottle. However, the retailer was reluctant because they were still waiting for a wider range of colors. During the process of negotiating, Kevin O’Leary questioned Rusty about his water bottle.

Daymond John was impressed with the Gobie water bottle and agreed to invest $300,000 in return for a 40% stake. He also placed a condition that Gobie H20 join a big box retailer immediately. By the time the deal was finalized, Rusty had sold more than 10,000 bottles. Eventually, Gobie had generated $285,000 in sales.

Daymond John praised Rusty as a good team player. However, he was concerned that other sharks might say something negative about the water bottle. They wondered if Rusty was targeting a certain segment of consumers. Also, they worried about the price.

Daymond John offered Rusty a $300,000 investment for a 40% stake in the company. After discussing the deal with his advisor, Rusty accepted. His goal was to sell 25,000 bottles, which would have made him $285,000. Over the next 17 months, he sold more than ten thousand. But his net worth is still a mystery.

Currently, Rusty is launching a brand called Happi Canine, which sells dog supplements that contain fish oil. However, he is still looking for investors to help him develop his new product. Despite the competition, Rusty is still confident in his product and his enthusiasm.

In the future, Rusty hopes to raise more funds by going on Shark Tank. While the market is full of similar products, he believes that his water bottle has a unique selling point. There are many different products with filtration mechanisms, so he thinks there are plenty of potential customers for his product.

Rusty is a skilled entrepreneur and industrial designer. He developed the Gobie water bottle after realizing that he was spending more money on single-use water bottles than on gas. Eventually, he realized that he could create a re-usable water bottle that was made from the highest quality plastic. He also created a filter that could be compostable.