Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth 2021

If you’ve seen the recent episode of Shark Tank, you might have noticed that Rusty Allen, an entrepreneur, is presenting his Gobie H2O water bottle. You might also know that he’s hoping to sell his filtered water bottle to a businessman named Daymond John. Regardless, you might be wondering what’s the current net worth of this reusable water bottle?

The Gobie water bottle is a reusable water bottle that allows users to draw water through a filter, removing all odors and minerals from the water. It’s also a BPA-free bottle, making it environmentally friendly. In addition, it has a three-month guarantee that it will last.

Inventor Rusty Allen was inspired to create Gobie after realizing that he was spending more money on single-use water bottles than he was on gas for his car. He decided to develop his own water bottle in an effort to help others. After creating and selling 10,000 bottles online, he approached retailers to purchase his product. Unfortunately, he couldn’t compete with other water bottles that were offering similar products.

During the show, Kevin O’Leary questioned Rusty on how his product was priced and whether he intended to sell it to ordinary consumers in the U.S. Although he seemed enthusiastic, many sharks weren’t as excited.

Nevertheless, Rusty still agreed to the deal, although he was seeking $300,000 in exchange for 10% equity in his company. Apparently, Daymond John is a fan of Rusty and wants to invest in his Gobie water bottle business.

Rusty started out in the design industry, but he decided to leave and start his own company. He’s also an entrepreneur, having sold Happi Canine dog supplement products. Eventually, he got his first big break by appearing on Shark Tank.

Before appearing on the show, Rusty had already sold 10,000 bottles of his water bottle online. As his company grew, he began to approach large retailers. However, he didn’t have any color options. This was a major problem. Once retailers began to see the potential of his product, they offered him a discount, but he couldn’t compete with other products that were similar.

Rusty was a great team player. He worked with his advisor to find the best way to get his product into the hands of retailers. Despite the setbacks he faced, Rusty managed to turn his product into a success.

He even managed to sell more than 10000 Gobie water bottles online before appearing on Shark Tank. Those bottles generated $285,000 in total sales for the 17 months they were in existence. Even after the show, Rusty continued to sell more bottles.

Ultimately, Rusty is hoping to make a successful investment. However, he is asking for a small share of the company, which is why he’s seeking out Daymond John for a share of the company.

Rusty Allen is an entrepreneur, designer, and industrialist. He’s the founder of the Gobie water bottle and the Happi Canine dog supplement company. He hopes to make a $300,000 investment from Daymond John, a businessman, in exchange for 40% equity in his company.