GolfKicks Net Worth – How Much Is GolfKicks Worth?

GolfKicks is a company based in Denver, Colorado. It is founded by three golf enthusiasts, Tyler Stuart, John Krosky, and Matt Mockus. Their goal is to make the game of golf more accessible to anyone who wants to play. They offer a product that converts sneakers into golf shoes, providing a more comfortable and affordable alternative to the traditional golf shoe.

They have been successful so far in their venture. In the last three months, they have sold $120,000 worth of their products. The company is currently on track to sell $1 million by the end of this year. However, the founders are still looking to sell the product to a major box retailer.

On Shark Tank, the company’s founders presented their idea to the sharks. Mark Cuban offered the company $300,000 in exchange for a 15% stake. After negotiations, the firm accepted this offer. This meant that John and Tyler now owned 8% of the company.

At the time of the appearance, the pair was hoping for an investment of $300,000. In the end, they got the money they needed, but they didn’t get the deal they had wanted. Even so, the founders are still proud of their business.

After the appearance, the Golfkicks team went on to raise several rounds of Seed funding. One of the most significant funding rounds took place in the spring of 2018. The company raised $550,000 from The Batchery, The Batchery II, and The Batchery III. Now, the two are working on a second round of funding. Hopefully, this new round will lead to a sale to a major box retailer.

The current owners of the firm believe that the golf market is worth $8 billion. They believe that the market for their product is growing rapidly. As a result, they have been working to expand their sales into pro shops. They hope to see their sales continue to increase over the next year.

Golfkicks is a fairly new company. When it first appeared on Shark Tank, it was just a three-month old product. But, the entrepreneurs have been able to successfully show the Sharks that their product is selling well. In addition, they have sold out of their original iteration of the product.

They have a very active online presence, selling their products on, as well as other retail partners. While the company is still relatively new, it has proven to be a success. And with a little more effort, the Golfkicks team can be on their way to earning one million dollars this year.

Currently, the Golfkicks entrepreneur is looking to sell the product to a big box golf retailer. He’s also working on testing a new traction technology. All in all, the Golfkicks team hopes that they will see some sales in the next few weeks. Until then, they’re just enjoying their success.

Despite the fact that they’ve been unable to close a deal with Mark Cuban, the Golfkicks founders have shown a lot of success. If the market is still large enough, they will continue to grow and prosper.