Goo Goo Atkins Net Worth

Goo Goo Atkins is a celebrity fashion stylist who is renowned for her sense of style. She has worked with many famous singers such as Morris Chestnut and Erica Campbell. In addition, she has appeared in the popular reality show Mary Mary. She also has her own fashion website. Here, she sells apparel that is designed for the curvy woman. Moreover, the website also encourages women to love their body shapes.

Before becoming a professional stylist, Goo Goo was an accomplished backup vocalist. Her first major singing job was with the gospel duo Mary. After her debut, she continued working as a backup singer for high profile singers. However, she decided to pursue a career in acting. She studied acting under Wendy Raquel Robinson.

Goo Goo Atkins was born on May 4, 1978, in Inglewood, California. During her early years, she lived with her parents. Later, she moved to the United States where she studied at the University of Texas at Austin. When she was a teenager, she starred in her own TV show called “Mary Mary.” As an actor, she gained fame on this show.

In the past, she dated Justin of the “Mary Mary” show. But they broke up after the show finished airing. Since then, she has dated only one other man. He was a former contestant of the show.

Goo Goo has a net worth of over $5 million as of January 9, 2023. She has earned her fortune in the fashion and television industries. In fact, her clothing line is appreciated by many women. The merchandise sales are another way for her to boost her wealth.

Goo Goo is also famous for her work with Kanye West. According to a recent report, her appearance on the album “Yeezus” boosted her income. She has a website that promotes her acting, writing, and other endeavors. It features fashion photos, contact forms, and other information. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to find time to post content on her Instagram. Besides, she has over 800,000 followers on Instagram.

Another fact about Goo Goo is her love for music. She loves to sing. Her favorite song is “Boy” by John Legend. Aside from that, she is also fond of rap. Moreover, she is also a big fan of the singer Kendrick Lamar.

On her Instagram, she has been known to post funny and entertaining content. However, she has never revealed details about her personal life. This is probably because she would rather keep her private life private. However, she does have a lot of friends. Some of them are Kanye West and Erica Campbell.

Despite her success in the fashion industry, Goo Goo has managed to keep her personal life a secret. She prefers not to talk about her marriage, kids, and other things that could reveal the truth about her personal life.

Goo Goo Atkins is now starring in the upcoming film “Beautifully Broken.” This film will be released on December 31. Among the highlights of this movie is the story of two men who support each other and their families.