Greenfeed Net Worth

Greenfeed Viet Nam is a green food venture in Vietnam. It’s one of those companies you’ll see pop up all over your newsfeed. While it isn’t the largest of companies by a long shot, it certainly does make an impact in the country. The company, founded in 2003, has grown into a fully integrated 3F food chain. In the process, it has garnered a net worth of tens of billions.

While it’s no secret that GREENFEED is the king of the feed mill, the company does have other businesses in the food industry. The most interesting of these is its venture into the world of social media. But it’s not all about social networking; it also aims to reduce food waste by helping farmers grow better crops.

While there isn’t a lot of official statistics about the company, there is some data to be had. According to a recent report, the company’s net worth was an impressive nine billion US dollars. As of July 2016, it had a whopping 512 shareholders, with its biggest investors being DWS Vietnam Fund Limited and Vietnam Phoenix Fund Limited. Among the more notable names are Ly Anh Duy Quang, a Vietnamese politician and chairman of Anh Bank, and Tran Dinh Long, the founder of Hoa Phat Corp. They each control a quarter of the company’s shares.

In the past, Greenfeed has dabbled in a few other products, including a social networking app, a smartphone, and an online news site. Its biggest accomplishment, however, is its dedication to the Vietnamese farmers who produce the food it sells. Since its founding, it has made many commitments to the farmers, from providing loans to helping farmers improve their crops. Moreover, it has been one of the biggest supporters of the One Family program in Vietnam.

Aside from its contributions to the Vietnamese economy, it has been a big time winner on the IPO front. During its initial public offering in 2005, it topped the list of top stock listings in Vietnam. This was followed by its acquisition by a private equity firm in 2006. With all of its investments, GREENFEED has become one of the biggest players in the booming food manufacturing business. Currently, it operates two of the most popular food chains in the country. However, its biggest claim to fame is its ability to connect millions of Vietnamese to information on food and agriculture. From its Twitter feed and Facebook page, Greenfeed has forged strong relationships with farmers, government officials, and the media. Of course, the company isn’t alone in this venture; it is a member of the World Bank’s Private Sector Development Program (PSDP).

Greenfeed has a well-defined mission, which is to improve the lives of farmers in Vietnam. In the past, the company has invested in a number of initiatives, like donating a dollar to farmers for every pound of feed they sell and giving away free food to disadvantaged children. Although there are still plenty of lessons to be learned, the company’s efforts have yielded positive results.