Gregory Itzin Net Worth

Gregory Itzin was one of the most successful American actors of the last few decades. He played numerous roles in popular TV shows, as well as a few movies. His death at the age of 74 has brought sadness to the movie industry. Although Gregory’s cause of death is not yet publicized, he was expected to die from complications related to an emergency surgery.

Gregory Itzin was born on April 20, 1948, in Washington DC. At that time, his father was a city chairman. However, the family moved to Burlington, Wisconsin when he was young. As a child, he expected to be a successful entertainer. But instead of becoming a rap star, he was more interested in art. This interest led him to the Matrix Theater Company in Los Angeles, where he studied acting and eventually became an assistant director. After a few years in the theater, he began working as an actor, and it didn’t take long for him to find success.

The first onscreen role that he appeared in was an uncredited one in the 1979 miniseries Backstairs. In the 1980s, he was credited for an episode of MacGyver. Other notable roles include a recurring role in the daytime drama Santa Barbara.

Gregory Itzin’s most memorable performance was his role as President Charles Logan on the television series 24. During the show’s fourth season, he joined the cast. Itzin was married to his wife Judie for 43 years. They had two children. Despite the news of Itzin’s death, it is still unknown whether his wife died of the same cause.

While Gregory Itzin had a storied acting career, he also had a successful business career. According to sources, the actor had a net worth of $6 million. Aside from acting, he also had a business venture that reportedly earned him between $3 and $5 million. Most of his profits came from selling Yeezy sneakers.

As a result of his success in the entertainment industry, he earned several honors. One of these was the coveted Tony Award. He was nominated for his role in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, The Kentucky Cycle. Another notable honor was the Emmy award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

Some of the other notable achievements of the actor were his starring role in the Oscar-winning movie Lincoln, and his guest starring roles on TV shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Firefly. Itzin also was a member of a softball team called Ten Guys From Italy.

In addition to his work in film and television, Itzin was also a successful writer. He penned several screenplays, including a version of the book “The Kentucky Cycle” for Broadway.

Interestingly, Itzin had a major heart attack during a performance of Shakespeare’s work in 2015. However, the cause of his death is not known at this time. Nevertheless, his son Wilke Itzin has confirmed the news. It was a tragic end to a storied life.