Grip Clean Net Worth 2021

Grip Clean is an all-natural hand cleaner that uses dirt to remove grease. It’s a big name in the hand cleaning business. Bryce Hudson, the company’s chief executive officer, was pitching the company on Shark Tank episode 709. He’s the guy behind the Grip Clean brand.

Bryce Hudson is best known for his motorcycle stunts. He’s also a competitive motocross athlete and a three-time X Games Free Style Motocross champion. As such, he has plenty of credibility. So, when he came on Shark Tank to pitch his all-natural, all-purpose, heavy duty, all-in-one hand cleaner, Bryce got some pretty good traction.

In fact, a good chunk of Bryce’s net worth has been built on the back of his success. The aforementioned Grip Clean has a YouTube channel with over 346 videos. Despite the high profile, Bryce still sells his soap through his own website. And if you’re in the market for a hand cleaner, you’ll want to check out his latest offering, the Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner.

While the product isn’t as flashy as Bryce’s acrobatic stunts, it does a good job of announcing itself. Not only is it all-natural, but it does a nice job of removing dirt from your hands without causing you any damage. What’s more, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t come in a bottle or a pump dispenser.

One of the company’s more recent partnerships is with Cycle Gear, the largest retailer of motorcycle accessories and clothing in the world. They also inked a deal to distribute Grip Clean in the states. But, there’s only one caveat, which is that Bryce can’t afford to build a huge warehouse. A better idea may be to focus on his main market – motorcycles.

Bryce also managed to get a mention on Shark Tank’s season seven episode. In the “Shark Tank” ad, he’s described as the X Games gold medalist and professional motorcycle rider. After the ad, Bryce rode into the Tank on his motorcycle and performed a trick. The Sharks, of course, didn’t bite. However, they did wish Alex Houseman a luck in his pitch.

Whether or not Bryce has a thriving business in the future is yet to be determined. Nevertheless, his latest product is a promising start. The all-natural, all-purpose hand cleaner is a great way to maintain the health of your hands and is a useful product for busy families.

For the money, the Grip Clean all-natural heavy duty hand soap is a cinch to use. Thanks to the company’s partnership with Cycle Gear, you can expect to find it in your favorite bike shop, your local hardware store or online. Plus, you can buy a personal supply to keep on you at all times. Considering that the average American spends about two hours a day on their hands, you’ll be glad to have this hand cleaner at your fingertips.

The best part about all-natural, all-purpose hand cleaners is that they’re inexpensive. Unlike many other products on the market, Grip Clean only costs about five dollars to make. At the same time, it’s all natural and made in small batches, which is convenient for a busy household.