Grove Hero Net Worth

One of the more famous figures in the Internet world is Mario Frayser, aka Grove Hero. He is a North Memphis, Tennessee resident. He’s a philanthropist and a local serial entrepreneur. Aside from his career in show business, he is also a father.

Grove Hero was spotted in an airport with rapper Lil Migo. The two exchanged words. But before the video was done, Grove Hero smacked Migo. People online are wondering why Migo didn’t fight back. In another video, Grove Hero slaps Migo’s phone.

The video of the incident is now going viral. It’s been criticized on Twitter and other social media platforms. However, Grove Hero has denied any wrongdoing. He also has responded to the claims of Lil Migo. On the other hand, he has used his disability to get laughs.

In September, Grove Hero hosted a “Guns Down” block party. The event was part of a raffle, where the winner gets a house rent-free for a year. This is just one of many ways that he has been able to use the Internet as a tool to promote a positive message.

Grove Hero has been a friend of the late rapper Young Dolph. During the rapper’s tour, he was a host for the rapper and Key Glock. However, he was forced to leave the tour when Young Dolph passed away. When he returned, he told people not to diss him. He also encouraged them to get involved with community projects. Throughout his life, Grove Hero has received several awards. Among them, he was a Time Magazine Man of the Year. Other accolades include the IEEE Medal of Honor and the Strategic Management Society Lifetime Achievement Award. His net worth is estimated to be at least $7 million.

As a native of Memphis, Grove Hero is an important voice in the community. While he is known for his work as a comedian and a food truck owner, he is also a philanthropist. If you’re interested in donating to his cause, you can check out his website.