Gunther Buerman Net Worth

Gunther Buerman is an American lawyer and classic car enthusiast. He was the former chairman of a major New York law firm and now serves as the Chairman of the American Rock Salt Co., a salt mining company in Livingston County, New York. His net worth has been estimated at $325 to $499K.

One of his favorite hobbies is collecting cars, and the Newport Car Museum is a tribute to this passion. The museum, which is located in the historic Raytheon building in Newport, Rhode Island, will showcase 55 vehicles from across the globe. Designed to be a one stop shop for the automobile aficionado, the museum will feature a 50,000 square foot facility with separate showrooms, event spaces, and even concierge services. The 50,000 square feet is enough space to display 60 cars, and the building will also be equipped with a 30,000 square foot temperature controlled storage facility for another 70 private automobiles.

Aside from being a car lover, Buerman is an avid sailor. The yacht he owns is the 52 foot TP-52 Hooligan. Not only is this yacht a speed demon, it is a flier. It is also known as KZ-3. While the sail number is an indicator of the size of the yacht, the number of passengers is a matter of conjecture.

Another of Buerman’s illustrious hobbies is his role as a chairman of USWatercraft, a yacht builder in Warren, New York. He was instrumental in the purchase of the Granite Building in Rochester, New York, an architectural landmark that dates back to the late 1800s. As a lawyer, Buerman has been involved in some real estate developments in Utah and is a big believer in the art of negotiation. In addition to his career in law, Buerman is the founder and chairman of the American Rock Salt Co., whose wares include de-icing salt products.

Other notable things in the Buerman’s life are a hefty real estate portfolio and his role as chairman of the American Rock Salt Co., which claims to have the capacity to produce 18,000 tons of rock salt per day. He is also the chairman of American Rock Salt LLC, a salt mining company in Livingston county, New York. And although his office is in Retsof, New York, he has a second home in Newport, Rhode Island. This town, like many others, is a mecca for sailors and automotive enthusiasts alike. So it’s no surprise that he would have his finger on the pulse when it came to a new car museum. Considering the state of the economy, his move to the shores of the East Coast may be a good move.