Gusttavo Lima Net Worth

Gusttavo Lima is a Brazilian singer, known for his sertanejo style of music. His talent is known in Brazil and abroad. He has released over ten albums and his first live album was released in 2009. The success of his songs has made him one of the most popular pop singers in the world. Known for his voice, which is often compared to Luan Santana, he has gained a massive following.

During his career, Gusttavo Lima has starred in several movies. He has starred in various roles in drama and comedy. However, he is best known for his single “Balada” which earned him international fame. It reached 5th place on the Billboard charts in the United States and also made it to the high spots in various European countries. After achieving the highest places in his home country, Gusttavo went on to embark on his first international tour.

Although the details of his personal life are kept a secret, Gusttavo has been in relationships with at least eight women in the past. Currently, he is in a relationship with Andressa Suita. Other than this, he has had a few breakups and hookups.

Earlier, Gusttavo was known for his band Trio Remelexo. As a teenager, he acted as a choir soloist. This helped him build his fan base in Brazil. Eventually, he was signed to a record contract. A year later, he recorded his first live album. Besides these accomplishments, he became famous in the country because of his association with soccer star Neymar.

Despite having a very busy schedule, Gusttavo has managed to maintain a private and a very successful life. He has been involved in many activities, including design clothes, launching a cryptocurrency, and having a restaurant. But he has also been called out by the public on social media for showing off too much.

According to the information from various online sources, the estimated net worth of Gusttavo Lima is about $5 million. That figure is expected to rise to around $1.4 million in 2022. Most of his income comes from his job as a pop singer, as well as from a variety of other sources. For example, he has been a guest on television shows, and he has been featured in advertisements.

In addition to these, Gusttavo has been involved in a number of other ventures. These include opening a restaurant, writing a book, and launching a cryptocurrency. Additionally, he has become a popular celebrity on social media. There are over 11.5 billion total views on YouTube for his songs. Moreover, his Spotify audience has reached 9 million monthly listeners by May 2022. Moreover, he has performed at a number of concerts in Brazil, Europe, and the US. Currently, he has two concerts scheduled in the next two years.

Since his debut in 2009, he has sold more than 15 thousand copies of his albums. Inventor dos Amores, which was released in 2010, sold more than 15,000 copies. Gusttavo has a Multiracial ethnicity. He was born on September 3, 1989 in Presidente Olegario, Minas Gerais, Brazil.