H1ghsky1 Net Worth – How Much Is Faze Highsky Worth?

If you’re a fan of the gaming world, then you’re likely aware of Faze Highsky. He’s a professional Fortnite player and he’s also a very popular YouTube star. Despite his youth, he’s already made a lot of money with his YouTube and Twitch channels. His net worth is estimated to be $400000 as of now, although this figure is expected to increase in the future.

As of now, Faze Highsky’s age is only 15 years old, but he’s been earning an incredible amount of money with his gaming videos. The videos that he makes include Fortnite game play and commentary, as well as other types of video games. These earn him a huge sum of money, and he has a huge number of followers on his YouTube and Twitch accounts.

Faze Highsky is an American Youtuber and Twitch streamer, and he is mainly known for his game-play videos. Currently, he has a total of 236 videos on his YouTube channel. Some of these videos are in the action games category, while other videos are in the role playing games category. Most of his content consists of commentary and game-play videos.

Initially, Faze Highsky was banned from the social media platforms, but he’s now eligible to resume his activities. He was initially banned because of a lawsuit involving an underage account he had. After he was declared legally eligible, his account was reinstated.

H1ghsky1 began to stream his content on Twitch after he became a member of the FaZe clan. Previously, he had been a member of another eSports organization, called Fear Chronic. One of the members of the FaZe Clan offered him the position of newest member. This is how his career started.

During his time with FaZe, he was named the youngest competitive Fortnite Battle Royale player. It was also during this period that he was initially banned from Twitch, and he was told to stop. But this didn’t stop him from gaining fame. A few months later, he was able to rejoin Twitch.

Now, Faze Highsky has a big number of followers on his YouTube and Twitch channels, and his videos have been watched by a large number of people around the world. He’s the youngest and most successful member of the FaZe clan.

Faze Highsky was born as Patrick Bragaru, but he changed his name to Faze Highsky in 2009. He was born in Romania, but his parents relocated to the United States when he was young. During his childhood, he developed an interest in gaming. Later on, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Eventually, he met DJ Marshmello, who inspired him to become a gamer.

Before his career as a gaming star began, he was a streamer. When he joined the Faze Clan, he claimed to be thirteen years old, but it’s unclear whether he was actually that young. Regardless, he’s now the youngest member of the clan, with a net worth of over $400000.

Until now, Faze H1ghSky1 hasn’t had any major scandals. Whether or not he has a girlfriend is unknown. Despite his young age, he’s still attending local schools, and he’s planning to go to college for higher studies.