Hakuho Sho Net Worth

When Hakuho Sho entered the sumo ring, he was not from a welgesteld family. In fact, he was born in Mongolia. His father was a gold medalist in sumo wrestling at the Olympics. He sent him to Japan at 15 years of age. The country, where he was a resident, offered him a chance to try sumo, which he found attractive.

During his time in Japan, Hakuho became the fourth non-Japanese yokozuna, after Asashoryu, Chiyonofuji and Akebono Taro. He won a total of 14 tournaments, six of which were in Kyushu, and tied yokozuna Wajima’s record for most wins in a calendar year.

After the completion of his yokozuna career, he changed his legal name to Hakuho Sho. This change of nationality, as well as his renunciation of Mongolian citizenship, had not yet been recognized at the time.

Although Hakuho was a member of the Miyagino stable during his first two visits to Japan, he is no longer a member. However, he has been mentioned as one of the contenders to take over the leadership of the stable.

According to some reports, Hakuho’s net worth will rise by at least $50 million by the time he reaches retirement age in 2022. His fortune will also increase with the expansion of the Mongolian economy, and his wealth may be among the top five per capita in the world by 2020.

When Hakuho was still in Japan, he flirted with promotion to yokozuna. He also studied the techniques of 35th yokozuna Futabayama. Nonetheless, Hakuho’s apprehension of the change of nationality made it impossible for him to achieve this goal. Instead, he settled for a job as a sumo trainer, with the intention of retiring later.

Hakuho’s status as a Japanese citizen was confirmed after he retired in September 2019. In addition, he announced that he was planning to open his own stable in Tokyo. He was also a candidate for torchbearer at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Since his debut in May 2004, Hakuho has won over 1170 matches. Despite the humbling losses he has suffered, he has never fallen to a juryo. Moreover, he has defeated many of the most famous wrestlers of all time. One of his most notable victories was a record-breaking six straight tournaments in Kyushu.

Nevertheless, Hakuho has seen his popularity slip. His record of six straight Kyushu tournaments was broken by Yokozuna Wajima in 2007. It was also during this period that Hakuho’s nationality was revealed. His mother contradicted her husband’s claims, saying that she did not support the move to Japanese citizenship.

Afterwards, the Sumo Association Board of Directors approved Hakuho’s retirement. He will retire from competition after the September 2021 tournaments. If he is still involved in the sport after the 2021 basho, he will be able to choose whether or not to continue competition based on the results of the July tournament.

Hakuho has also been linked to scandals. After his defeat to Kotoshogiku in the March tournament, he allegedly partied for an entire hour and then turned up at a press conference an hour late.