Hal Ketchum Net Worth

Hal Ketchum was one of the most well-known and best-selling country music artists of the 1990s. He released eleven studio albums during his career, and sold more than five million records. In fact, his 1991 album, Past the Point of Rescue, was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Although Hal Ketchum’s career is over, he left behind an impressive legacy. The singer-songwriter made a mark in country music with such songs as “Hearts Are Gonna Roll” and “Small Town Saturday Night.” These songs reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. During the late 90s, Hal Ketchum had several health problems, including alcoholism and drug dependency. However, he eventually cleaned up his act.

Despite his fame, Hal Ketchum had a relatively modest net worth. His first album, Threadbare Alibis, earned him four country Top 20 singles. As a result, his estimated net worth was around $9 million.

The artist’s most famous song, “Small Town Saturday Night,” peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. This was a huge accomplishment for a country singer, especially during the 1990s. After his debut, Hal Ketchum became a member of the Grand Ole Opry and continued to tour. He also appeared in two movies. One was in collaboration with Mel Gibson, while the other was a musical.

For a long time, Hal Ketchum was married to Barbara, but they divorced in 1989. The singer later married again, this time to Gina Ketchum. They had three children together.

Although the musician was known for his virtuosic performances and his hit songs, he was also known for his wit and charm. As a child, Hal David was a member of his father’s Buck Owens fan club. While he was a teenager, he started playing the drums and later switched to guitar. At the age of 15, he moved to Austin, Texas, where he honed his skills as a musician.

During his lifetime, Ketchum had 17 entries on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. His ‘Small Town Saturday Night’ single became the second most successful country song of all time. It has since been covered by several other artists, most notably Miranda Lambert.

The country star, who was 67 when he passed away, was married to Gina Ketchum, who died in 2009. Ketchum and his wife had been separated for seven years before they were able to reconcile. Their marriage lasted for eleven years. During this period, Ketchum toured the United States and played in several shows at the Opry in Nashville.

Ketchum also made appearances in other films, including ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and ‘Maverick’. Besides being a great musician, Ketchum was a fine craftsman. As a result, his artwork has been exhibited in a number of galleries, including the Pena Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While the majority of his income was derived from the sale of his recordings, Ketchum also had a small but steady source of income from his day job. As a carpenter, Ketchum made a number of toys and other items.