Heimo Korth Net Worth

Heimo Korth is a television personality and reality star. He was born in Wisconsin. His father was Erich Korth and his mother was Irene Korth. The couple married and have four daughters. Currently, Heimo and his wife live in Alaska, where they own a cabin. They are also one of the only permanent residents of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

When he was a child, Heimo had to leave his homeland because of his father’s abuse. He became an outdoorsman, traveling to Yupik settlements and learning to hunt and fish with the Eskimos. In the 1960s, he relocated to Alaska and began living off hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Initially, he did not want to be on television. However, he was pushed into doing so by a book that he read, which was written by James Campbell.

For more than 30 years, he and his wife have been together. Their first child was Coleen Ann Korth, who died when she was two. After that, they had three more daughters. One of their daughters, Millie, was born from their first marriage. But their other daughter, Krin, was born from the second marriage.

In addition to working as a welder in his hometown of Wisconsin, Heimo has also earned a great deal of money through his appearance on television. He has appeared on a variety of documentaries. He has also starred in a few films. Most of his net worth comes from his television shows.

In 2016, Heimo and his family appeared in a reality show, “The Last Alaskans.” On the show, they moved to Alaska, where they lived in a cabin. During the seasons, they would move to different cabins. It was at that time that Heimo and his family gained a lot of attention. There are now thousands of fans of him. Despite being a simple man, he has a large following of fans.

Heimo Korth has yet to reveal his exact net worth. However, it is estimated to be around $150,000. Some sources suggest that he is worth more than $700,000. This is because he has earned a great deal of wealth from his appearance on several TV series. Also, he has a very good income from his sales of his books.

Although he is an American, he is not from a rich family. As a child, he was raised in a poor family. Fortunately, he worked quickly to support himself and his family. Because of this, he is able to live a largely self-reliant lifestyle, which includes owning guns, hunting and fishing. Eventually, he plans to settle in Alaska until his death.

Even though he is a very simple man, Heimo is a very talented man. His appearance on the reality show “The Last Alaskans” has helped him earn a huge amount of money. During that time, he earned about $3,000 per episode. Similarly, his appearance on the documentary “Flying Wild Alaska” has also helped him earn a lot of money.