Hiriam Hicks Net Worth

Hiriam Hicks is an American executive producer and businessman, who has been known for his work with New Edition, Eddie, and TLC. He has earned a lot of money and is considered one of the richest people in the world. Aside from his success in the music industry, he has also been subject to various controversies.

Hiriam Hicks has worked in the music industry for a long time. For instance, he was the music supervisor of Eddie. In addition, he was credited for the “Pure Soul 1997” and the “Uncle Luke” albums. As well, he has recorded many songs. He has won several Grammys.

The music producer has also signed up for 30 of the top R&B artists. This is a good indication of the amount of money that he has made throughout his career. However, he has faced a few controversies, including one with rock and band performer Stephanie Mills.

The two artists have a professional relationship, but it was broken in 2017. This was because of money issues and problems with financial dealings. According to Stephanie Mills, she hoped to share her story with other artists to encourage them to take a close look at their business relations.

While working for Island Records, he signed 30 main R&B artists. He also helped in the development of the careers of the Bell Biv Devoe and New Edition. Hiriam has sold more than 400 million records. Therefore, his net worth is estimated to be about $1 million. Despite the controversies, he has been able to create a lot of money and is one of the most successful musicians.

Hiriam Hicks was born in Alpharetta, Georgia. His birth date is December 1st, 1960. When he was young, he had the Sagittarius zodiac sign. After he became a father, he moved to Detroit, Michigan. From there, he married his wife, Pooh Hicks. Currently, the couple has a total of four children. One of the children, Jas, is Najee’s daughter. She is bisexual.

He has amassed a lot of money over the years, and it is believed that his net worth will be more than $12 million by 2022. His total assets will be about $5 million to $10 million in that year. Having this much money is a big feat for an artist.

Despite the controversies, a lot of records have been produced by Hiriam Hicks. Some of his records are the “keep it coming,” the “Jacci McGhee,” the “Poison” album, and the “Crucial” album. Also, he has directed Unsung Heroes of the American Revolution. During this period, he has also been credited for the “Back to the old skool” and the “Hits” albums.

He has been a very successful artist, but he has not managed to have a perfect life. There have been a few controversies in his life, and he is still under investigation for those. If you are interested in his personal life, check out his Instagram account. Otherwise, you can just keep your eyes on his music, because he has a huge collection of records.