How do I download YouTube videos?

Do you want to download the latest YouTube video? While basic YouTube does not offer downloads for certain videos from certain places, there are methods for downloading any YouTube video anytime.

This article will discuss two ways to pay for YouTube Premium and use the free Mac, Windows, or Linux application.

You can pay for YouTube Premium

I’m a huge fan of YouTube Premium since it keeps my wife and me from having to endure the majority of ads however it’s an expensive expense. You can sign up for YouTube Premium for $11.99 a month (or $17.99 each month for family plans).

My personal favorite is the complete absence of ads from Google. There aren’t any banners, no pre-rolls, and there are no interstitial advertisements. But when a YouTube channel wishes to insert an ad into the film, YouTube Premium won’t block those YouTuber-integrated advertisements.

YouTube Premium also includes background play, picture-in-picture and background play, YouTube Music, and access to YouTube Originals. I’ve not used any of these features, but they’re all part of Premium.

YouTube Premium also comes with the capability to download videos. If you’re using YouTube Premium, you’ll have an option to download your videos in your web browser or on your phone application.

Check out the download button, which is indicated by my Arrows.

Downloads can be found within the Downloads section of YouTube.

Note that YouTube declares that the downloaded files remain available in the event that you are connected to Internet access at least every 30 days. This way, YouTube can confirm you remain an active YouTube Premium subscriber.

where to find downloads

There’s no simple way to transform that download into a usable video for a PC and, therefore, if you wish to use the video for any other purpose than just watching offline it’s probably in a bind. This is also true for iOS.

If your phone is an Android user and has an SD card slot on your phone, you’ll need to change the YouTube app’s settings (tap your profile photo, then Settings, and then downloads) to save YouTube videos onto the SD card.

download options

So, you’ve learned how to download videos in a barely usable format for a low price of $11.99 monthly. But what if you need an alternative and want to do it for no cost? We’ve got your back.

Your (even better) free option: ClipGrab

I want to thank ZDNet’s managing editor for informing me about this program in the past few years. It’s been a staple in my use since after.

ClipGrab is a no-cost program accessible to Mac, Windows, and Linux users. The creator claims that it’s open-source, but the source software is only available for Linux. In any event, ClipGrab rocks.

Open your browser at and click the Show All Download Options link. You’ll find download options available for Mac, Windows, and Linux there. I’ll demonstrate how to download the Mac version in the post, however, the interface is almost identical for all three.

Making use of ClipGrab is simple

  1. Copy the YouTube link. This can be done using the URL bar in your browser or clicking the Share button underneath the video’s name.
  2. Launch ClipGrab. Make sure that you’re in the Downloads tab.
  3. Enter your URL for the movie you wish to download.
  4. Then, you can click on Grab The Clip.

There are options that you can alter.

You can, for instance, choose the format that you’d like the video to be stored in when it’s saved on your computer. I usually choose Original but I’ll also specify another format if it isn’t working.

You may also select the resolution of the download. Based on the original resolution, you may decide to download the entire resolution video or decrease the resolution to reduce space.

After that, clicking to open the settings tab will allow you to alter the location ClipGrab places your downloaded videos.

Legal, moral, ethical, and caloric aspects

Once you’ve learned the method to download YouTube videos, do you? Be aware that different countries have different laws. It might or may legally be illegal to download a specific video, even if the only thing you wish to do is stream it offline.

If you’re planning to download a movie to integrate it into something you’re making, be aware that certain countries use the concept of fair use. In these jurisdictions, even small videos that are copyrighted are able to be integrated into your work. Be aware that YouTube has algorithms that search for those who reuse videos, and your channel may be given an accusation of reuse of media.

If you’re not sure It is always best to inquire.

That’s it. Are there other methods to accomplish the same goal? Please share them via the comment section below.

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